What Is Invalid? What Is An Invalid?

As I fell asleep one night, a word came to mind, INVALID soon followed by another word, INVALID.

The two words were still with me in the morning.

I was quite sure they were spelled the same and yet I knew they had different meanings.

I checked and here is what I found:

Based on the above definition, I would say that one word, cancels out the other, as in, an invalid invalid.

Hence: It is false, unscientific, irrational, unsupportable, null and void to being weak and feeble.

As people “age”, they tend to become an invalid, due to the conditioning and/or mindset that we “must become weak and feeble” as we grow in years. Nothing could be further from the truth!

According to a PEW Research Center study; Age is a Number But Aging is a State of Mind.

To take this one step further, you may want to take a look at Carolyn Page’s blog, ABC of Spirit Talk. She is experiencing the joys of reversing her age. It’s true! She is becoming younger, by removing the fear from her world. And the best part is, this is something we all can do!

Injoy life in joy,


  1. Great article, Ren, well worth the read.

    Being a dancer and going to social dances I’ve found many individuals (in general) begin to appreciably ‘age’ physically from sixty onwards. They aren’t capable of the same physical activity, so to speak. They begin to have greater problems such as arthritis, which can hinder their movement. I know that at sixty I began to see and feel a decrease in my own physical abilities. However, a decade later and I’m stronger and more capable physically – and mentally. I do expect this to continue and to continue to improve!

    This, to the average individual would seem to be an impossibility – and I would have once agreed. But, not now! The experience I am having with backwards aging is fascinating and doable by those who choose to do the work of ridding themselves of fear. Another impossibility many would say. I say – hold onto your hats, people. This is truly just the beginning…

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