about ren

normal is an illusion
photo by Heath, design by ren


My name is Ren.
Join me while I discover more
of who I really am.



My dad named me after his favorite bird, Wren.
Growing up in the 1960’s,
as a girl named Ren…. was its own adventure.

Many years ago, I ‘woke up’ and
headed to ‘enlightenment‘,
exploring the ‘new world’ around me.

I discovered that I am not this body.
I am a spiritual being,
having a human experience.

I live my life,
a bit different than most.


renagain original

The amazement’s and
amusements in nature,
are my entertainment.

I quiet the chatter
of my monkey mind and
listen to my heart,
not my brain
to guide me in life.

I allow synchronicity
to be my new normal,
this is how life really works.

2a inside l x everything changes

renagain original


is what we once called,
Being in the right place,
at the right time.

mi wall

photo by ren – a map of Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsula’s, chipped out of plaster on the interior wall of a store in Frankfort, MI

I am a Michigander,
(of over a half-century)
who during the fall of 2016,
followed her passion
and moved across America,
to California.
You can read about it here,
our westward travels.


photo by Heath           visiting Daley Ranch, CA December 2016


Since moving to southern California,
I have become a founding member,
to a Hemp based company.
We share the same vision,
of helping others on a huge scale.

Learn more on my other site: 



photo by ren

I love being out in nature,
with camera in hand.

A nature lover I am,
a photographer I am not.

And that is okay.

photo by ren

Dean gave me (t)his camera in the fall of 2012.
A piece of his consciousness
resides within this little point and shoot.
Dean and I are buds for life.
I will click this camera until it can click no more.
You will meet Dean along the way,
as you read my blog

babe lovin it

photo by ren  –  Dean and Babe, enjoying their NOW moment



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