Meet Ren



My father named me after the bird, Wren. Initially, I was to be named, Robin. At the last moment, he changed it to Ren.


robins-05 wren
140 year old Robin and Wren Book Illustration from

I am a Michigander, who during the fall of 2016….








….followed my passion and moved west, across America. My heart led me to California.

You can read about it in this category, our westward travels.

admiring southern California






I love being out in nature. At one time, it was my therapy. Now, it’s Life!

After living nearly three years in southern California, I relocated a few times in the San Diego area and eventually migrated north, to the Los Angeles area. I continue adjusting to life among the mountains, for it is unlike anything I had ever experienced in the Midwest.

I left California and went to New Orleans during Christmas/New Years, 2019/2020 and then headed to the Midwest, almost making a full circle back to Michigan. Now, summer/fall 2020, I am preparing for my next move.

Injoy life in joy,