welcomephoto by ren

This page is continually being created.
Please visit again soonly.
Thank you for being here,
2017 February

Welcome to Branching Out…
where I share my experiences,
as I become more aware,
of who I truly am.

My name is Ren

This site is an expression of my: 
life changes and

I am but a toddler,
discovering my new surroundings.
The surroundings are NOT new,
I am just seeing them for the first time.

feel love
photo by ren

I once felt that I lived my life
kind of different than most.
I am now meeting others,
who are sharing
their own unique experiences.
I am NOT alone!!!
yip yip YAY

There really is a NEW NORMAL in town.

We each have our own
individual journey,
to experience.
This is mine.
Thank you for joining me.


Learn more about O.G. the Owl here

23 thoughts on “home

  1. I’m a big believer in coincidences. How odd that you have a picture of a snowy owl…my spirit animal. I want to follow my intuition more as well. Unfortunately my anxiety sometimes interferes with this. Great post!

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    • Synchronicity is awesome!
      If it helps any, I once had high anxiety. I took baby steps to get to where I am now. Anyone can do it. 🙂

      How sweet that the snowy owl is your spirit animal. When I was searching for the ‘right’ photo for that spot, O.G. the Snowy Owl jumped out at me. That picture came from my son and it has a special story.
      I will post it soonly.

      We rarely see Snowy Owls in Michigan.
      And, by the way… I want to thank you for being my 50th follower. I am grateful!

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  2. What a magnificent shot of that owl.
    I think we’re all toddlers in our discoveries, I know most days I feel like a neophyte when I look at the world around me. Each day there’s some new to explore.

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  3. This page is so beautifully written.. I am new to blogging.. I don’t know much about writing and stuff, so for me reading, getting inspired by other’s thoughts are my baby step.

    The title of my blog Dilkiaawazsuno is actually to be read as Dil ki aawaz suno (Dil means heart, ki-to, aawaz-voice, Suno- hear/listen) which means “Listen to the voice of heart”

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    • I love, love, love the name of your blog. Thank you for translating, it is very powerful!
      I was very new to blogging when I started 6 months ago. Did not really know what a blog was.
      I have come to believe, as long as a person writes from their heart, they cannot go wrong. 🙂
      And I also read many blogs for inspiration and to connect with others.
      Thank you for your comment. I very much appreciate you taking the time. ren

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      • Yes, a journey of learning and growth. My blog has had several names, before I settled down to Branching Out. Your blog seems to be quite grounded in the name you have chosen. Take care and thank you for finding & following me, I am now following you also.

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  4. Just one more question for you, do you understand Hindi.. I believe not.. right.. if not then I can try to put an English version also of what I write in Hindi.

    Though it might not come so good but i can try, there can be more who might not understand. What do you say?

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