Gotta Listen To My Heart!!

(live post)

I wanted to let you all know why my interactions with you are often delayed. Basically, I am not online very often.

My heart is telling me, it is no longer a pleasure to be online.

My heart is no longer leading me in my life. Not like it once did. And I miss that joyous feeling of a happy heart. It is time to get it back! Joy is our birthright!

You see, there is excessive wi-fi usage, nearly 24/7, in my new home. For those who do not know, this body has virtually zero-tolerance for wi-fi and other EMF’s. The waves mess with this heart, making it a drudgery to use electronics. It’s actually easier to ignore my computer, than to use it.

Not many of you are aware, that the creation of one post, takes me days, a week or more, to publish. It has become a chore and that’s no fun! Right?

There are a couple pre-scheduled posts for early this month and then they will be done. Any posts afterwards will be sporadic. I will continue reading all your wonderful writings, which I often do off-line, making it difficult to like or comment. I will do my best, and please know, my heart is always with you. So many of you are like “family” to me and I miss being here with you. Thank you for your patience, love and understanding. You are so special to me!

Injoy life, in joy
Always, in all ways


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    • Your words are very heartfelt. Thank you. Yes, you are right, we must take care of ourselves first. I greatly appreciate our connection. Thank you for being here with me.
      Hugz and more hugz


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