How Do You Know You Were Visited By An Angel?

Trixie was telling me about the videos that are “randomly” suggested to her by YouTube. (obviously she is not aware there is no such thing as random)
Personally, I rarely ever click on a suggested video by YouTube or any other social media platform. Do you click on the suggested stuff? Maybe I should start!? Trix is not the first person lately to share with me the “new” stuff discovered, by clicking on the “suggested links”.

Through a combination of texts and emails, the following unraveled:

Trixie had watched a suggested YouTube video about “How to know you have been visited by an angel”. Now, this was not something that she would normally watch…but it WAS suggested.

You see, decades ago, Trixie was somewhat religious and often attended church. In fact, she had gifted me a Bible with my name imprinted with gold foil on the cover. “Everyone needs a Bible,” she told me. Something happened over the years and Trixie quit going to church. During a somewhat recent talk of life after death, Trixie surprised me by saying, “We only live once. There is no life after death. There is no God. Sorry to disappoint you.”

Back to the suggested video and Trixie’s response to it:

Trixie: “The video said, one of the ways to know you have been visited by an angel is that they leave coins for you to find. I see coins in parking lots all the time, so I dismissed it right away.”

I shared with Trixie, that I had recently been finding coins in odd ways and places. Anymore, I just smile and say “thank you”, as I pick it up. (I am getting a little collection started) I had not heard about angels leaving coins for us….I had heard the phrase “Pennies from Heaven” though, having never made a connection to angels with it. I thanked her for the new info.

Something you should know about Trixie, she is a DIY kind of gal. She loves taking on home projects and has become quite handy at it. Throughout our electronic conversation, she was fixing the floor in the laundry room of one of her rental units. Tenants neglected to tell her there was a water leak. Much damage had occurred, as you can imagine.

vacant laundry room floor showing water leak damage
This gaping hole is where the washer, dryer and water heater should be

The ‘random’ viewing of videos was filling her down-time during her newly found project. Along the way, she sent images of her work, so I had an idea of what she had taken on. Trixie was in her glory with this project, even though it did end up being a bit more dirty and grimy than she cared for. It was part of the territory and she took it all in stride. She’s quite an amazing gal.

Trixie eventually got down to the rotted joists.

rotted floor joists
Rotted floor joists

All I could respond with was, “WOW!” I have never taken on such a project before, even though I also injoy DIY projects. So much can be learned from them and I love the independence of the experience.

floor joists are rotted
Rotted floor joists

Now she had the undaunting task of removing the rotted joists and cleaning up what lay below them.

much debri after removing floor joists
What a mess
a huge mess after removing floor joists
What a mess!

Oh what a mess! And Trixie went to work sweeping, sweeping and more sweeping.

After she was rested up from the sweeping, she sent me the following picture and wrote, “I just looked to see how I should rebuild the floor. I got goosebumps.”

shows that much cleaning was done
After much sweeping

And she sent me the following closeup of the same shot and wrote, “If you couldn’t see in the other picture… (lower right corner) … ”

a dime is on the floor after much cleaning
this is what gave Trixie goosebumps

How about that? Visited by an angel! Trixie’s world was about to shift.

angel entering heaven with light

Before long, I received pictures of the new floor joists in place. Needless to say, she was quite pleased with herself. I was very impressed!

new floor joists
new floor joists
new floor joists
new floor joists

But wait! It gets better!

About 2 weeks later, I received the following email:

Trixie: “I was walking my dog today. There was something shiny on the ground. The sun reflected off it, into my eyes.”

the shiny object on the ground, was this nickel
another coin

Now, how stinkin cool is that? I find this amazing and fulfilling. Trixie has not shared with me, how she feels or what she thinks about her enriching 0.15 cent experience. Do you have any thoughts or comments on this topic? Have you had a similar experience? Or know someone who has?

Thank you for being here with me,






  1. Ren, thanks I love this story! I can identify with your handy friend, as I am female and handy with tools as well. As for coins, when I see them on the ground, I always pick them up saying ‘Thank you!” Because if Spirit sees fit to send me money, if I were to walk away from it, Spirit will think I have enough, and never send more. So, I always am thankful, and my life seems to be full of a lot of different forms of wealth that I never refuse. Lovely story and love the pictures! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are very welcome, Patty! I’m glad it resonated with you and I’ll bet you have some DIY stories of your own too.

      That’s a wonderful reminder of gratitude you share.

      I feel I understand what you say about having abundance in your life…. wealth that comes in many forms.
      I see that I forgot to give Trixie photo credit. Thanks for letting me know you injoyed. Appreciate your comments greatly!


    • I agree with you, Dolly! We are always getting guidance and when we become consciously aware of it, life shifts to a heaven on earth.
      Isn’t that amazing that Trixie is now beginning to ‘see’? So many people around me are ‘waking up’ in their own ways. It is simply amazing to be witness to it. Thanx for being here, Dolly.

      Liked by 1 person

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