An Advencation @ Black Mountain

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? We are doing great during our time away. Many new adventures during this vacation,
creating the perfect Advencation! I am dropping by to share one of our recent vacation adventures.

black mountain trail
Black Mountain trail

Bo, my baby Bonsai, decided not to go with us. I now wonder if he had tree-premonition of what was in store for us that day.

Trail sign: Ahwee trail, with arrow pointing downhill
Ahwee Trail <——- to Lusardi Creek Loop Trail

My story is published as a guest blogger, on Mohamad’s site. I chose to publish in his “Around the World” category. Are you interested in promoting your blog too? Check out Mohamad’s Promote Your Blog side-widget, where he offers platforms for us to grow together. Now, on with my story…

Black Mountain Open Space Park California

There are several trailheads to Black Mountain Open Space Park.  We made a few attempts, looking for a certain one. Each time we got close to where it should be, the GPS told us to “turn left now” into the side of the mountain. Recently, in another attempt to find this trail entrance, about a quarter of a mile past the ‘false left turn’, we spotted the entrance and went in. Continue reading…

Love & hugz,


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