The Hummingbird Experience

My most precious experience this summer, involved several experiences with hummingbirds.

It began earlier this 2020 summer in July. I “happened” to look out the sliding glass door and saw a hummingbird feeding on the sunflowers.

hummingbird feeding on sunflower

I grabbed my camera and started taking pics. All of a sudden, the hummingbird stopped feeding. It looked right at me as if to say, “Is that you, Ren?”

hummingbird sees me

In the blink of an eye, it was at my window – dancing an excited greeting in the air.

hummingbird visit

Then it flew to a branch of the pine tree. How exciting!

resting in pine tree

Weeks later, in August, I “happened” to open the curtains to the same sliding glass door. Instantly, a hummingbird, who may have been at the sunflowers, zoomed to the window for a quick visit and off it flew.

close visiting hummingbird

Few weeks later, in September, I “happened” to be outside taking pictures of the Morning Glory blossoms. I heard a “chirt – chirt – chirt” behind me. I turned around and about two-feet from my face, was a hummingbird. Reflectively, I said, “Hi baby! Thanx for visiting me,” and off it flew.

I sure hope I did not offend it by calling it “baby”.

Injoy life in joy,


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