A Visitor in the Night

I was sleeping rather soundly when something woke me. Twas a pleasant disruption. Not scary at all.

Out of bed I rose, meandered to the window and peeked outside. “Ah! It is you! Hello moon. Look how big and full, round and bright you are tonight! Thank you for calling to me. Please come in and visit.”

I opened the curtains wide and moon gracefully entered. Back to bed I went and laid there smiling, watching moon cross the night sky. I drifted off to sleep, with a warm and happy heart.

Do you injoy visits from moon?

Full bright moon in background. Semi cloudy night. Valley of pines in the foreground

Image by Florian Kurz from Pixabay


Injoy life in joy,



  1. Yes, Ren, moon is always welcome at my home. However, our curtains and blinds are drawn at night, so moon can’t come in. This is really so as sun doesn’t present in the early hours of the morn and awaken us with her light and heat.
    Two opposing forces, really! Both gorgeous and with their individual qualities. But, for our east facing bedroom (in the southern hemisphere this is where the sun rises) it becomes a little too hot for good sleeping.
    Oh to have a timer that can close our curtains before sun shines. Something to think about..!!!!!

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