Visited By A Dove, Inside Our Home

It was mid July, 2018 and the weather here in southern California, was beautiful as always.  We had the screenless-windows open. The day was a bit windier than most and we were thoroughly injoying the breeze!

He was sitting on the bed, working on his laptop. I was lounging nearby, reading a book and all was quiet.

We had classical music softly playing in the background…..when all of a sudden…. we heard the rapid feathered wing-beats, enter the room. In came the Mourning Dove through the larger 34 inch (86cm) window!

It flew a precariously (somewhat) straight path, to the other window; missing the bedpost & passing right in front of his face.

As quickly as it entered, it had exited the smaller 22 inch (55cm) window.

Mourning Dove visit

We both looked at each other and said, “That was so cool!!!” And I grabbed my camera….


1 landed

Dove landed on the power line, rather than flying away.


2 recover

Dove turned around and sat a moment, somewhat recovering from its amazing maneuver


3 closer

In short time, Dove acted ecstatic, prancing and dancing on the line…. eventually moving closer to us.


4 did you see me

Dove leaned towards our gazing eyes as if to say, “Can you believe I just did that?”


5 closer

Dove skittled along the powerline moving closer to our window.


6 did you like that

Dove gazed in at us, making eye contact. With a puffed up chest of pride, Dove exclaimed, “…and my ‘bird-brain-friends’ said I couldn’t do it!”


Just like this dove, we truly are more powerful than we can imagine. And the more we can imagine, the more powerful we become.

Thanx for reading,

Images by me
Featured image



    • Thank you! I greatly appreciate your reading and commenting.
      It truly was quite an amazing experience. I would not be so surprised, if the windows had been across from one another. But these are at such an angle to each other, bedpost in the way ….. I don’t know how that bird did it.


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