I Do Not Tolerate Lies & Never Have! (important post update)

Early in my childhood, I attempted the act of lying. It did not get me very far and the consequences were horrible. Hence, I have no tolerance for those who deliberately lie.

In fact, early in my Food Manager career, my superior blatantly lied to my face, regarding an extremely important work related issue. I finished my shift and quit that job, with no regrets. Word of my availability got around town and within a week, my phone rang with a much better job offer, resulting in a career advancement.

I have had “friends” lie to me and they are no longer my “friends”. There is one exception to that. Sarah! Remember Sarah, from my early days of climbing on the 2012 Wave?  Dear sweet Sarah was such an insecure gal with a heart of gold. She was a person, who would tell you, what YOU wanted to hear, even if it meant lying. She thought she was doing right and Sarah stayed in my world until a few years back, when she transitioned from this planet.

So, overall, I am saying that there is no room in my world for lies and I will not tolerate it. That is my choice. This is my world and I deserve to be happy and injoy my life. Period!

Recently I learned that I have been deceived, causing one of my posts to become untrue. The post sits in my archives as a lie. Guess what? I do not like that. No, no! I do not like that at all! I will correct that situation right now. You see, what happened….

Mid December, 2018, I posted an article about the Impossible Burger I had recently eaten. Do you remember it? (the link is at the end)

impossible burger with a flag stuck in the top of bun, "IMPOSSIBLE". Served with pickles and tater tots

In part, I wrote:

After eating the meatless Impossible Burger, my way of thinking about food, has changed. an impossible burger with fries and catchup

What makes the Impossible Burger different from any other burger on the market? It is made with ‘Plant Meat’; simple ingredients found in nature.

I truly injoyed my Impossible Burger experience. Was extremely pleased with the taste and texture of the patty. Finally! A meatless burger that tastes and feels like a burger, thanks to plants doing the impossible


Now I say, BEWARE of this Impossible imposter!

After discovering the toxicology reports on this impossible imposter of food, I could not keep quiet. I needed to post this information so others are also more aware of the clever deceit that can be easily put upon us.

How the media lies to you about GLYPHOSATE

I very much wanted to have faith in ‘man’ during these changing times. So much so, I ignored my ‘nudges’ from deep within. You see, when I first learned about this impossible meat substitute, my gut said, “Warning! Beware!”

Was that because it was something from left field, which I had never heard of before? I mean, I need to remain open to all possibilities. And I allowed my mind to reason it out. We are living in new times with new ways of doing and being. Perhaps this plant based burger is really where things are headed….. and I kept on telling myself to be open to changes. I talked myself right out of what my gut was trying to warn me of.
M I T study says that thanks to RoundUp, our brains don't heal as fast as they used to

To be perfectly honest, I have only skimmed and not read the full article (See: The true story link below, for the article). In brief, it speaks about the high levels of pesticides in this lab produced GMO plant-based burger substitute. It tests 11x higher for GLYPHOSATE weed killer residue than beyond meat burger. People! Eleven times higher! For poison that is highly promoted as an extremely healthy meat alternative.

99.6% of the German population found contaminated with GLYPHOSATE from RoundUp
pinocchio puppet nose growing long. LIAR! is written in the background

Folks! Why is that okay? Never before have such high levels of toxins been allowed to enter our food source and with no documentation at all to safety. Their noses should be a mile long!!!

I feel so betrayed, and yet I knew better, but I did not listen to me! Please do not be blind any longer to the deceit on this planet. We are all waking up to a higher level of awareness … perhaps my story will help to open one more person’s “mind’s eye” of discernment.

My earlier review: The Impossible No-Cow Burger

The true story: GMO Impossible Burger Positive for Carcinogens

Love and hugz to all,


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