Kidazzler: Created by Parents for Parents

Kidazzler is a new company, started by parents, with a unique way to add some passive, residual income to our lives. They are offering us a share of their revenues, to help build a Kids Everything directory. It’s a new business model called, “Revenue Sharing”. Kidazzler is free to join and by invite only. Currently in America and Canada. No hidden fees! No surprises!

How does Kidazzler’s Revenue Sharing work?

Add 60 kid related businesses to the database now. On the 15th of each month, add five more. Kidazzler will contact the businesses that you are locked into. When that business pays Kidazzler for advertising, you get paid $10 for each one, every month.

My personal experience with Kidazzler

I am new to Kidazzler, having joined the end of March. (info here) At that time, you could add up to 55 businesses. Now, on the 15th of April, I added five more businesses, totaling 60. When I added them, only one had already been taken. (meaning I added 6 to get my 5 – not bad odds) The options for types of businesses, from birth to college, are nearly endless.

I added a ‘family meditation’ business. Then, I chose to add Piano Lessons and this is where it got interesting. I googled ‘piano lessons’ and picked one that looked interesting. I entered the business name and phone number to discover that it had already been ‘locked-in’ to another member. No problem, the business had several studios. Because each of them have their own address, they are treated as individual entries to the directory.

I entered one of the other piano lesson’s phone numbers and it was available, meaning that it was now locked-in to me. I quickly entered the rest of the data and moved to their next location. Bingo! It got locked-in to me and so were the rest of the studios, giving me my total of five that I needed. Took only minutes! And I have a potential of earning over $600/month.

screenshot of my current earning potential with kidazzler
screenshot of my Kidazzler’s potential monthly earnings

What data does the directory require you to supply?

Not much info is needed. It’s real easy to do. First, enter the business name and phone number, to know if it has already been locked-in to another member. (I love that feature rather than finding out at the end!)  If the business is available, you then enter the address and type of business. That’s it! You are done!

You can enter more information if you want and I always do, when it is available. Not only does it help Kidazzler when they contact the business, it helps to assure that my efforts were not a waste of my time.

What other data can you enter?

Email and website. That’s all! True, many businesses use a contact form rather than giving an email address. But if I look around their site/contact page a little bit, I may find an email. If not, I leave it blank. As for the website and most of the data you enter, you can simply copy/paste it. I actually write it down and keep a log of who I did and didn’t enter.

Kidazzler: Come help build a directory of kids buseness's. You could earn $10 per business. Easy to do/free to join. Come see what we are all about!

Not only is this easy to do, it’s fun and exciting.

Let me tell you how fun it was to see one of the 5 recent businesses I entered, “claim their listing”, in the few minutes I was there. (that also happened when I was adding the first batch of 55) What that means is, when a business gets locked-in to me, Kidazzler sends them notice of their possible ‘listing’ for advertising. If the business likes what they see, they “claim it”, which notifies Kidazzler that they are ready for more information. And I do not have to anything else! Now THAT’S quite exciting!!!! No calls! No sales! Nothing! I just keep entering 5 more businesses on the 15th of each month.
(learn more here @ Kidazzler)

Anyone can do this! Invite friends to join you. It’s not required. I invite others, simply to offer this wonderful opportunity for passive residual income. This is not meant to replace your day job! It is intended to put a few extra bucks in our pocket, to help make it easier to go out and have fun with the family. You want to learn more? Visit the Kidazzler Blog here.

Here is your Personal Invite to Kidazzler!
There is also an open invitation in the menu, under “Special Offers

Thank you for your interest and feel free to ask me your questions, I will tell you no lies.


Posted April 22, 2019




    • They are a very new company….6 months old. They’re vision is to be global….so, maybe in time, they will be in other lands.
      Thanks for looking and learning. 😀


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