Everything Kids: Your Invitation

About a week ago, I posted my excitement of joining a company who had a new business model. I have since removed that post, due to errors on my part. Please allow me to re-introduce you to this unique company and opportunity. Currently available in the US and Canada.

Do understand, I am not new to “work from home opportunities”. I have explored and participated in numerous companies/businesses over the years, even before the internet was born. To be honest, over 90% of what I see online for income opportunities, are just crap bordering on scam. They just are not worth the time and effort. So you can imagine my excitement when I came upon an Everything Kids company at the end of March 2019. They were just ending Phase 1 of birthing their new business plan. They are only six months old!

Let me say, this is the stage of a new business where I love entering. Ground floor! Doors are either not yet open to the public or the company is in its early birthing stages. This, to me, is where I truly discover the inner makings of all businesses and what they are really made of. Believe you me, if something can go wrong, it will at this early stage. This is where all the bugs are getting worked out. This is where the rubber meets the road, so to say. And this is where many businesses never leave the ground. I love being part of and an observer to, the early beginnings of a company.

It’s tough getting a business up and going. No doubt about it! In the early stages, you gotta be able to ‘go with the flow’ and adapt to change easily and transitionally. I have been with many a company and I have left many companies also. I won’t work with just anyone. I have been building my future on businesses that are of integrity and compassion. I will not stay with or ever join anyone who is greed based and/or unethical. Back in the day, when I worked the 9 to 5, I had quit jobs simply because my bosses lied to my face. What can I say? I do have my limits!

Now, having left the job force nearly ten years ago, it is I picking and choosing who will be part of my multiple streams of income. All from the comfort of my home. Why would I ever want to go back to a job? I am the one in charge now! I call the shots! If I do not like how your business ethics are headed, I will let you go.  That’s how I choose to operate.

I choose to work with companies that are legitimate, of integrity (not greed), in for the long haul, offers value to others and has an over all fantastic upbeat vibe. And that is a perfect match for Kidazzler, the company I was invited to, about a week ago. Their mission is to help every parent give their kids the best life possible.

"Get ready world, Kidazzler is coming. Everywhere. For everyone.

Kidazzler is the one place for everything kids. They have a vision of being the one directory of all kid’s related businesses and activities. Kidazzler was created to bring real change to people’s lives and I know they are in it for the long run. They offer a long term opportunity that is designed to benefit both the members and businesses. This gives families an opportunity to earn extra money monthly.

Here’s how it works:

Kidazzler's Revenue Sharing Model. 1 - You add a business to kidazzler. 2 - Business pays kidazzler. 3 - Kidazzler pays you

You can add up to 55 business right now. On the 15th of each month, you can add 5 more businesses. This is a very fair way to prevent any one person from monopolizing the market. When your locked in business buys advertisement at Kidazzler, you get $10 each month they participate. So, if 7 of your locked in businesses pay Kidazzler for advertising, you will get $70/month, each month. That is called, Residual income.

What kind of businesses? Anything kid related from Birth to College! Doctors, dentists, after school activities, private schools, dance lessons, skydiving, karate, etc. The possibilities are endless!

types of businesses to add to Kidazzler: Amusement parks, indoor rock climbing, bowling arcades, trampoline parks, movie theaters, pick your own fruit farms, petting zoos, circus

Yep, Revenue Sharing is one of the new business models today. And it is dynamite! I am loving what Kidazzler is doing for kids and families. Currently only in the US and Canada, Kidazzler is carving a beautiful future for kids and their families worldwide. They began Phase 2 (of 2) April 1, 2019, meaning, there is still time to get involved and be part of the Revenue Sharing.

Kidazzler is by invite only and I now invite you to check them out, do your research and join this wonderful future for our kids now and tomorrow. Invite friends to help build your list. It is not required! Have questions? Comment below or feel free to contact me.

Your Kidazzler invite!

There is also an invite in the menu under the Special Offers tab.

I thank you for your support,

Kidazzler blog for more information

Images from Kidazzler


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