He Created A Paradise in South Africa

Michael Jamison lives in one of the roughest areas of South Africa, known as Brakpan. Despite what might be happening around him, he has created an amazing paradise. Michael says, “As you fly over Brakpan on your way to the airport, you can easily find where I live. Just look for all the greenery!”

Not only has Michael created his own paradise in a rugged and somewhat cruel land, his home has become known to many as The Zoohouse. He cares for at least 150 animals. Michael injoys studying all the different personalities, which has brought much joy and passion to his heart. He has learned a lot about animals that others may not have been aware of.

I have been following Michael Jamison’s You Tube channel for many years. This is where he documents the events, happenings and discoveries of his animal clan. Below is a short video of the two main residents at his Zoohouse. Enzo and Diego; two Bengal tigers he raised from cubs. They are greatly loved and respected!


Love and Hugz,


  1. Ren, I have actually come across this man’s videos whilst surfing YouTube. Quite incredible. I loved how, at the end of the video) a female’s hand (nails perfectly manicured) stroked the tiger’s nose. 🙂

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