I Didn’t Believe in the “Stars”, Until Recently

I just did not believe in the “stars”! It seemed like a far fetched idea that Zodiac signs actually had anything to do with real life. That’s how I spent the majority of my years. Doubting Zodiac readings. Thinking the horoscope was all for entertainment. Well, as I find out, I was right and I was so very, very wrong.

Here is how everything changed for me, when it comes to the Zodiac signs. I was born a scorpion/scorpio enlarged upon the zodiac wheelcusp, borderline Scorpio and Libra. Not really believing in theses signs, I had always chosen to go with Scorpio as my ‘sign’. I based my decision on the picture of the image portraited for Scorpio; the scorpion! To me, it looked more intriguing then a set of scales pictured for Libra. Right?

A couple years ago, I heard/read that a cusp can choose and switch, which of the two signs they want to be. So, I chose to be Libra, to help maintain balance. The scales looked intriguing to me now and the scorpion did not. Or so I thought. For the next 18-months or so, I explored the two zodiac signs of mine. I  balance scales of Lybraconcluded that I did not like being a Libra. I felt lost and almost abandoned, when I chose to drop Scorpio and become Libra. So recently, I made a conscious choice to drop the Libra and go back to being a Scorpio. And that was all it took. I began to feel more fulfilled, even though I still was not a reader or follower of my ”horoscope”.

There is someone in my life, who is a Pisces. Let’s call him, Phish. He is very close and dear to me. I learn a lot from him. You could say that Phish is my mentor.  Phish is very big on what his Zodiac sign reads. However, he reads it at the end of the day, to see how spot on it was. That way, he is not influenced one way or another. Clever, huh?

two koi fish swimming representing Picies

Recently, Phish found himself two-minutes late for a meeting and the doors were shut. The sign read, “If you are 5-minutes late, do not knock. Reschedule.” But, he was only 2 minutes late and he chose not to knock. Instead, he checked his phone app and found the same meeting was scheduled at another location. He had just enough time to get there and off he went.

He arrived early, other people also arrived for the meeting. Several people were now waiting for the doors to open. Phish attempted conversation and no one would partake, except for one fellow. He was a young chap, Adam, mid to late 20’s and seemed eager to talk. As Phish was so accustomed to doing, he listened, for he could feel/sense that this young man yearned to talk to someone.

The conversation started out slow as Adam explained that he missed this meeting yesterday and had to reschedule for today. And now, no one was showing up to open the "Blah... Blah... Blah" writting on a chalkboarddoors. Some people began leaving.

Then Adam’s words got a bit rough as he explained how his life was that of an unwanted foster-child. Never a loving home. Drugged to be kept quiet, so as not to ask questions. He did not know his real parents and thought his mom was dead, until he found her just two years ago. She was living on the streets with one of his older siblings. That was not what he wanted to discover. Adam desired to help his mom, give her money, but he knew in his heart, that she would use it to abuse herself more. He could not support that behavior. He prided himself on his ability to have climbed out of his dark childhood upbringing. He was actually grateful for his lifelong struggles, for he had learned a lot about life. He strived to surround himself with those who were of good influence. He had few friends, but they were good people who supported him. Adam continued exploring deeper into who he really was, with a hunger for his spiritual awareness.

As so many of these new awakenings occur, they soon discover, there is no one to bounce their new beliefs off of. There’s no one to talk to. Friends walk away shaking their heads, for they just don’t get it. Once again, Adam no longer fit in. Adam knew that what his heart was feeling was the true way, but people looked at him as if he was crazy. He knew he was not crazy…..or was he?

After about 20-minutes, one person in the crowd of people waiting, got a message that the meeting was cancelled and to reschedule. Why was the message sent to only one person? And thank goodness that one person had not left. With the news of no meeting, the rest of the people left.

Adam was able to easily talk with Phish. Phish could understand…he could relate to how Adam was feeling, for he himself had once been there. In all honesty, he had forgotten that people actually still can feel that way. The conversation became quite in-depth, very spiritual and uplifting and before they knew it, two hours had passed. With an exchange of contact information, they parted.

Phish has since told me that he felt real good about that long conversation with Adam. It was not draining at all. Often times, those kinds of talks are from people who suck his energy, cuz it makes them feel good. Most times, they don’t even know they are doing it. zodiac virgo sign against a purple starry night skyWith Adam and Phish it was different. They were batting the energy back and forth, with a fairly nice flow, building each other up. Then Phish was nudged with the notion that their Zodiac signs must be compatible and he began to explore what friendship means to a Pisces and Virgo.

Before long, I was sent a link to an article explaining why a friendship between a Pisces and a Virgo is a very compatible one. And that entire situation has helped me to see, in real life/real time, there is more to the Zodiac signs then I was willing to admit.

I have injoyed exploring the zodiac and also sharing this experience with you. What are your feelings or beliefs of the ‘signs’? Do you ever read your horoscope?

Thank you for reading my writings.
I appreciate you greatly,

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