Take a Step Back, Out of The Negative


I am listening !!

All I want to do, is raise AWARENESS.
In the end, you decide what your truth is.

I have been writing about the ‘Matrix’ and attempting to explain what I have been following since July 2017.  I feel it is taking too long to put it into individual posts.

I will ‘bullet’ a few of my discoveries and then present you with a video of a recent Conference Call.

I will suggest that you leave EVERYTHING you thought you knew, at the door, on your way in. It will be waiting for you to pickup again, on your way out, should you choose. Thank you……

  • Your Birth Certificate is worth over Billion$
  • Your Social Security Card is like an ATM without the magnetic strip
    • ever wonder what that number is on the back of your card?
      • the front of your card is Public
      • the back of your card is Private

say what ?

  • There is a Public and a Private Ledger
  • We are not meant to have DEBT
  • Everyone on this planet owns, what is currently referred to as, Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA’s).
    Proper term is Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts

    • They are Non Depletion Accounts.
      • That means, they always have a zero balance.
        They contain a limitless amount of ‘funds’
    • They are Your VALUE, held IN Trust for You
      [discover your true history and that will make more sense]
    • The TDA’s will soon become unfettered… perhaps this year!
  • Since July, 2017, thousands of people have accessed and utilized their TDA’s
  • The TDA’s are just a snowflake on the tip of an ice berg
    • There are hundreds of thousands of similar ‘accounts’

And this is NOT about the money.
This is NOT a movement : 

It is You, finally becoming who you came here to BE!

Everything is purposely and perfectly done.



Compassion is the Key

  • We thought we were free.
    True Freedom never existed…. till now.

Please take the time to listen to this recent Conference Call.


  • about the OPPT filings that were established in 1776, when America was founded and what that means, today…. for the planet!
  • why this is HUGER than 9/11
  • how the pieces fit together and how powerful you really are
  • about the Matrix and the game we are playing
  • why the Mandela Effect happens
  • the update to Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf  (HATJ)
    • and Randall Keith Beane (RKB)


Thank you for your time and as always, comments are welcomed and encouraged,


Death IS An Illusion

Waking up to Death ….

Below is a re-share of my post from last year:

You Just Died! . . . Now What?


What happens when we die?

Is there life after death?

What about life after life?

Is there a heaven and hell?

Do you know?

Do you really know ?

….or are you forming your belief, based on what you have heard over time?

I feel there is no living person who really knows what happens after death.  I mean, how could they?  They are alive.  They are not dead.

What about a Near Death Experience (NDE) you may ask? 

Yes, many people have had an NDE and shared their experiences with us.  I enjoy reading the accounts, they are fascinating.  Remember though, it is a near-death experience being shared.  The person who is sharing it, is alive.  Not dead.

Think about it, there could be a huge difference between actual death and near-death.

  • Maybe death is much grander than we could ever imagine
  • Maybe death is simply waking from a dream
  • Maybe it is as plain as ‘non-existence’
  • Maybe no one really knows for sure

Who knows?  I don’t.

I personally have concluded that I will find out what death is all about, when I die.  Why fret about it now ? and lose precious ‘now’ moments?   I do hold my own ‘beliefs’ of what happens after we die.

red cross left

My beliefs on death and dying may be a bit different than yours or maybe not. We will see.

  • Death is easier than birth
  • There is actually no such thing as death, it is a transition
  • The human ‘body’ is simply a ‘vessel’, used to experience life on Earth
  • The body wears down in time and stops working
  • Upon death, I will ‘go home’ and leave the vessel behind
  • I can choose to incarnate as a human on Earth, or not

and What do you believe?

My friends and I have conversed about death and what it might be like, while they approached their own ‘end days on Earth’.  As each of them got closer to ‘the end’, they became less fearful, calmer and more accepting of death.  They seemed to have a ‘knowingness’, which words could not convey.  Our hearts were connected, the words were not needed. We knew.

I had asked each of my dying friends to ‘contact’ me after they died (what ever that means).  To this day, not one of them has ‘appeared’ before me.  Yet, I felt each of them ‘hug my heart’, during some point of their transition and beyond.

the book

Science has been searching for answers to the infamous question, ‘What happens after we die?’  Recent research is getting closer to unveiling, what happens to us when we are dead?  The Max Planck Institute, Cambridge University and others are discovering that our ‘consciousness’ continues to exist, after the body has died.

What a  fresh perspective … ‘our consciousness continues to exist’; rather than ‘life after death’.

How about you?

Are you comfortable enough to discuss this topic?

What are your beliefs on death and dying?

I’d enjoy hearing how people feel about this. Use the comments below…..

thanx, ren

[#2] Chakras

chakra basics.JPG

Spirit Science – Chakras

Jordan Duchnycz, creator of Spirit Science, did a wonderful job of sharing the basics of chakras and becoming more in-tune with yourself.

In my post, I listen to my heart, not THE heart, I spoke of the sensation I was feeling.  I did not fully understand what I was feeling, at the time of writing that post. Recently I have discovered, I was experiencing the ‘activation’ of my Thymus Chakra. And recently I learned how important this is for emitting the Compassion of today. One of ‘Feeling Together’.

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote in that post:

During the past three plus years,
I was blessed with living within the woods of northern Michigan,
surrounded by woods and water.
I love being with nature.
Nature use to be my ‘therapy’, now it is part of me.

While experiencing my life up north,
many times my heart would grow and expand outwardly.
Sometimes I felt like the energies
that were being emitted from my chest,
would cause me to explode.
It was a beautiful feeling, sensation…

It was a true sensation.
Anything love and/or compassion based,
would ignite the pulsation of my chest.
I could feel my whole body begin to ‘glow’.
My cells were ‘bubbling with joy’.
I loved the sensation.
I still do not have the words to describe it.
And that is okay.

I still experience the heartfelt expansion and happy cells.
Now it is part of my life. I live with it 24/7.
The ‘novelty’ wore off,
the sensation ‘calmed down’
or I simply adjusted to it and
it is now part of my New Normal.

In other posts I have said,
‘Heart Center’ or ‘Heart Chakra’,
grasping for words of clarity.
My post, “Has she gone out of her head!?!”
describes a bit more detail of my ‘heartfelt’ ways.

spirit science 2.JPG

from Spirit Science 2

Over 7 years ago, I consciously opened my ‘Third Eye” Chakra., which is your psychic/intuitive abilities. Once again, the sensation that I feel with that chakra is heavenly. It ‘talks’ to me (vibrates, tingles ?) when I am on the right ‘path’ of self-discovery or if I come upon something that I NEED to pay attention to.

In 2012, I was taking care of my dying friend.
I was his caregiver, 24/7.
He wanted to die at home!
I am a firm believer, that no one should EVER die alone.

As his condition declined, he was unable to call out to me for help.  During those times, the sensation at my Third Eye would wake me from sleep and I knew that he needed me. I was amazed and ever so grateful.

If you are not familiar with chakras or even if you are, you may enjoy this video.


Next in the Spirit Science series is Channeling.
See  you then…..

As always, thank you for being here,

Here is the Spirit Science playlist.

[#1] Thoughts

ss thought.JPG

Spirit Science ~ Thought

Take note the date of this video.
It is from five years ago.
Some of the ‘world’ events they speak of,
may be a bit outdated
simply ‘changed players’.

In this Spirit Science episode, Thought is explored:

  • Discover the Sacred Trinity
  • What do we really know about ‘Thought’
  • Can Thought create our own reality
  • What about that ‘Blame Game’
  • Does your mindset play a role in Thought 
  • What ‘buys’ happiness

Remember: You can have, do or be anything you want

Thank you for being here,

Enjoying Spirit Science? Here is the YouTube playlist for more episodes.
Spirit Science playlist on YouTube

[#0] a Vision of the Future


Spirit Science Central .com

As we head from a paradigm of Survival,
to our current new paradigm of Thriving,
life as we know it, has changed.

You can feel it, right?

  • You can sense something is way different now
  • Time, as we knew it, is “speeding up” and ‘melding’
  • The “energies” of and around us, are not as they once seemed
  • Discernment is clearer for determining your own truth
  • Even our perception of the world around us, is changing

If you are not already familiar with this wonderful series, Spirit Science, then take a few moments and view  the video below. You may like what you see.

I have been following Spirit Science for several years now. It has been a fun way for me to expand my journey.

Do not fret if you are not familiar with words, concepts, thoughts, ideas which are presented here.

  • Simply view with an open mind and heart
  • Leave what you ‘think you know’, outside the door
    • You can pick it up on your way out, if you choose to
  • You may discover you like what you are watching


Thank you for watching and being here,

Really enjoyed this video and want to watch more of the series?
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