Tree Family

Most folks have a
Family Tree.
I have a
Tree Family.

Here you will meet the trees of my world.
Each tree is uniquely individual.
I love them all.
We met as friends.
We are now a growing family.

Have you ever ‘met’ a tree?
Gazed its height?
Explored the bark ?

Do you see
the striped caterpillar?


photo by ren

Here it is,
highlighted in red

Copy of bark.jpg
photo by ren

Did your tree wear leaves or needles, perhaps it was bare?
Could you hear the wind combing the branches?
Do you know what a tree feels like?

Speaking of how a tree feels, want to know what happens when you touch a tree?
The tree says;

“They touched me. Look, look! A human touched me.
It felt so wonderful, they actually touched me!
Maybe they will touch me again…. “

That is a true story.

So if a mere touch can make a tree that happy, imagine what a hug can do.
Not to mention what a human gains from that hug.
Have you hugged a tree lately?

Thank you for visiting my tree family.

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Tree Face learn more here is the founding member of our Tree Family.

snowed on tree face

photo by ren   –    Tree Face after a snowfall 2014


Smiley Tree learn more here lives about 3 miles into the woods of northern Michigan.

smiley tree october 2013

photo by ren   –      always ready for a hug


Grrr Tree learn more here has always made me think he had an attitude.

1 first see grrr tree 101514

photo by ren    –      his ‘bark’ is worse than his bite

9 thoughts on “Tree Family

  1. “… and not that I am better or worse than other trees, but simply
    I am a different tree, a different tree…”
    Your post reminded me of a song “A Different Tree” that was quite popular year ago in my country. Thank you for your poetry and your poetic outlook on life and everything in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so very much Liz! I tend to view things, a tad different than most. I value your comments greatly. I will soon become more active and look forward to discovering more about you.


  2. I think what I enjoy the most from all your posts is that you are truly the epitome of a child at heart no matter how matter your age! This post is complete evidence of that! I hope to be like this when I get older as well – still adventurous and excited about the little things in life! 🙂
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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