Soroosh (book review)

Soroosh is a young boy who unexpectedly becomes “man of the house”. Through challenges, hardships, joys and adventures, Soroosh courageously weaves his family through life.

I greatly injoyed reading Soroosh and highly recommend it. It made me laugh. It made me cry. But mostly, it made me think! There is a lot to be learned within its pages. The story of Soroosh offers much wisdom for anyone to be able to obtain true joy and abundance in life.

Thank you Laleh Chini for sharing your heartfelt writings, enlightening the reader to life’s endless possibilities of genuine happiness.

To learn how to get your copy of Soroosh, visit Laleh Chini’s blog here, or go straight to

PS – I love the feel of the cover on this book!

Other books by Laleh, Climbing Over Grit

Injoy life in joy


      • Yes, I read the credit that the cover was painted by Jaleh. I remembered her to be your sister, from your first book.

        I am referring to the material you chose for the cover. To me, it has a thin leatherette like feel to it, if that makes any sense. Most all my books have a slippery, glossy, cardstock cover.
        Love and hugz to you!

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    • I did injoy how the story was told. Laleh is quite a story teller, I have learned via her blog.

      I generally do not read fiction, as it has no draw for me. After reading and valuing Laleh’s autobiography, Climbing Over Grit, I simply couldn’t pass up reading Soroosh, which happens to be fiction.

      To me, the cover has a thin leatherette type feel. Not like the glossy, slippery cardstock that is on most my books.
      I have one other book with a similar feeling cover as Soroosh.

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