That Was Easy! or Was It?

I had contacted the company, a huge corporation, to inquire upon an overdue refund. In short time, they located the product and refunded me “on-the-spot”!

Well, that was easy! Or was it?

I double checked my bank account to see that it truly had been refunded. Yep, it was there. To my surprise, the amount did not match up with what I was expecting to receive. It was a few dollars more. Huh! That’s odd!?!

After reviewing my purchase history, I discovered they had refunded the wrong item. I still had that item with no intention to return it. I began to “justify” why I should keep the money. It was not a large amount by no means…

Instead, I called the company to explain their mistake and return the money. It soon became apparent to me that not many customers would do such a thing as this.

I was transferred from one department to another, as I repeatedly explained the situation. It was becoming comical from my perspective. At one point, I offered to keep the money.

Finally, I was connected to the right person. I was able to make myself clear and the issue was resolved. The lady who completed the transaction, thanked me for “bringing it to their attention.”

Initially, it took less than 3 minutes to create the error and nearly 3 hours to correct it.

Have you experienced something similar to this?

Injoy life in joy,

Featured image by Arek Socha  from Pixabay


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