Carpenter Bee

This summer of 2020, I saw my first Carpenter Bee. Had no idea what it was and did a little research.

The Carpenter Bee is similar to the Bumblebee. The visual difference is the Carpenter Bee has a black shiny body, not fuzzy with yellow & black stripes, like the Bumblebee. There is also a yellow & black bullseye on the back of the Carpenter Bee.

carpenter bee in flight – bullseye on back

The Carpenter be is solitary, not living in colonies. They are docile for the most part, unless of course, you mess with them. In which case, the female will sting you.

The male is territorial. It will buzz about your face to warn you to go away. And that is about all the male can do, for he has no stinger.

Carpenter Bees bore holes in wood, which is how they got the name. This is where they raise their young. The entrance hole is perfectly round, about the width of your little finger. It leads to about six cells, where the eggs are laid.

Have you seen any new and or exciting creatures in your travels?

Injoy life in joy,

Featured image by Deedster  from Pixabay

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