Returning from my Move

Hello all! This is my “first live” post since September 11, when I posted Riding Life’s Surf Into My Next Move. All other posts had been pre-scheduled, prior to moving. I was able to do so, for I was blessed with having DSL internet and not Wi-Fi or wireless. I was hard wired the whole way with special grounding cables and it sure made it more comfortable to be on the computer.

My move did not go quite as I had written, in the link above. Right now I am composing a post about the move and will soonly publish it. All is well.

I have purposely stayed off my computer, during the past two months, as I seek out my new balance with the electrical energies of this home. I have been reading many of your posts along the way, not always able to like/comment. Recently, as many of you are noticing, I have been slowly making my way back “online”. I am greatly injoying the interactions with all of you and have missed you muchly! It’s nice to be back.

I have been having a difficult time receiving my “notifications” here at WordPress. When I click on the bell in the upper right, nothing loads. It just spins and spins. This made it difficult to know who I needed to reply back to. I have since discovered that I can easily retrieve my notifications when I am in my “dashboard” (or whatever it’s called here). I love change!

Also have been hindered in using WordPress due to this notice when editing my post:

In which case, I stop using WordPress and come back to it later. Then all seems well. Change is fun!

And with that intro of my return, I will bade you all a farewell for now.

Injoy life, in joy
Always, in all ways


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  1. Looking forward to your ‘live’ posts, Ren! 🙂
    I too have ‘occasionally’ had that little advice – updating failed. It seems to correct itself after some time. It is was it is! I’m still of an era where I think it’s absolutely marvelous that we can do as we do on computers. That is really showing my age. But, wow; we are so very fortunate to be living with these great advancements.

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    • I hear you, about your age and the changes you have witnessed, especially the computer going from huge to tiny. You have actually witnessed more than your parents would have in the same amount of years in their era.

      Just wait till the next wave of technology gets released, once we are done with the “bully on the playground” mentality.

      Thanks for the warm welcome. I do appreciate your company here.

      Back in the 1980’s, it was said, “There will be no more lies, when everyone can talk to everyone.”

      At the time I could not fathom what that meant. And now I am living it. The Internet!

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