Riding Life’s Surf Into My Next Move

Since leaving my home in the spring of 2012, I’ve been moving from place to place to place across America.


Best response I can give is, I chose to Ride the 2012 Wave into Life.

You see, at the time, 2012… I was a person who Talked “outside-the-box”. Well, I decided to stop talking and to start Living “outside-the-box”, by following my heart and the synchronicities in life. In fact, Branching Out was born in 2016, when I attempted blogging, wanting to share my life experiences.

How do I ride the surf? Well, for me, I get a nudge, deep inside me. Like a gut feeling in my heart, that I AM going to move. I do not know where, when, how… All I Know is – I am going to move! And it is exciting!!!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Actually – the HOW does not matter. And that is contrary to what I was taught, but it is true. I have proven this to myself, over and over, with each move and other life experiences. The How does not matter! What I learned pre-2012, and have applied to my “outside-the-box-life”, is this:

The brain can NOT tell us how something IS GOING to happen.
The bran can ONLY tell us how something HAS happenED.

Back to surfing When I Know I am going to move, I soonly get a very strong nudge or rather, an “urge to purge” my belongings, and to start boxing up what remains. After all, this is a human experience and possessions do accumulate. Right?

As I become satisfied with, or rather, it’s a feeling of Relief during the “purging & packing”, then synchronically, things fall into place (like magic) and I head to my new home. (there’s more to it than that, but you get the gist. Right?)

It has been such an exuberating experience, each and every time. I am grateful to have chosen this path in life. I know this is not for everyone and many have shown me their disapprovals. (Oh my have they shown me!) And that’s okay! Cuz in the end, they don’t matter. This is My choice! My life! My joy! And along the way, I have discovered more of who I truly am, which strengthens my Faith in me, resulting in a smoother, funner life journey of joy.

Have you figured out the reason for this post?

Yes, the moving nudge has struck again, during this summer of 2020. The urge to purge has been fulfilled, as has the packing.

My worldly belongings

Most of my posts (since returning to blogging) have been scheduled in advance, as has this one. As I write this, I have my flight ticket and I will soon be heading west again! I will be there, when you read this. I will see my son, whom I thought I would not see again, when I left California at the end 2019. I am so elated!

You may have noticed something different this time, regarding my move. I purposely chose not to blog about this move, until it was more of a solid happenstance. Why? You see, in my prior moves, I would share my excitement before I had the details. I was often met with skepticism, criticism and talk of how and why it was not a good idea.

I get it. I understand. I once did the same thing to others and always with good intentions. However, even though people meant well, it crushed me. I allowed ‘doubt’ to enter the picture, which slowed me down in obtaining my dreams.

So, this time….well, you now know the rest of the story.

Injoy life in joy,

Featured image by Pexels from Pixabay


  1. I totally relate to your “I get a nudge, deep inside me. Like a gut feeling in my heart.”

    I call it a ‘knowing’. I ‘know’. And this is how I live my life. I do not do anything without that knowing.

    And, like you, Ren; I do not tell others of my plans. As you’ve said. Some mean to be kind. However, their thoughts come from their own fears. They do not understand, in general, your ‘knowing’. And how could they!

    Thankfully, the two closest to me – my partner and my daughter – are on board. They’ve lived this experience with me long enough to let it be.

    Loved reading this, Ren.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Carolyn for your support and sharing of your wisdom.

      Forgive my delayed replies to your wonderful comments. I’ve been away since the publishing of this post. I am now making my way back online.

      Liked by 1 person

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