The Robin and the String

Look at that silly Robin!

That bird is pulling at the string used for plotting the garden.

string tied tightly to posts in the ground to mark my garden layout

Now look at that Robin!

He’s pulling at the string, tied tightly to the deck rail. He must be looking for nesting material!

String tied to deck rail in two locations

I cut the string from the deck, unraveled it to become several threads. Spread them across the deck rail and went about my day.

At some point, I looked to find ALL strings were gone.

I repeated the process. This time, I put the string in the garden.

Once again – they all disappeared.

Again – I unraveled string, strewed them in the garden, but this time I was mindful to watch and see if it was the Robin taking the string.

Sure enough!

Robin went into the garden.

With a swift peck, peck, peck, Robin gathered as much of that string as his beak could handle and flew to the rail of the deck.

The Robin, sitting on the deck rail, with a beak full of string. Head is sideways, as if to look at me

He turned to me, with a wink and a nod of appreciation, he flew off with his building materials.

Don’t ya just love the acts of nature?

Injoy life in joy,

Featured image from Pixabay by Meatle


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