The Seed MIracle

I have heard: When you plant seeds, miracles happen.

So – I planted Morning Glory seeds along the border of the deck out back. And I skeptically waited for my “miracle”.

By day three, those Morning Glories were poking up through the soil. See them at the base of the rails?

The birth of Morning Glory plants

Or were those just “weeds”?

The next day I had my answer, and a whole bunch of Morning Glories.

Morning Glory seedlings - 5 days old

I have never known a Morning Glory seed to germinate that quickly.

And now, two and a half months later….

First Morning Glory blossom is blue with a yellow center. Few inches below this blossom, is blossom two, which looks to be a pinkish-purple color

The first blossom opens and displays a beautiful star of blue. Blossom two will soon follow suit, displaying its own unique pattern.

Has something similar happened to you?

Injoy life in joy,

Featured image from Pixabay by CharlVera


  1. Ren, I have a veggie garden, and it is a delight. It constantly feeds me physically, mentally and spiritually! Nothing quite so wonderful as planting seeds and seedlings and seeing the results.
    I love your Morning Glories! There aren’t many ‘blue coloured flowers’. This one is a beauty!

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    • Thank you for your sharing, Carolyn and appreciation of my blue Morning Glory flower. A deep purple one blossomed over night. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am elated to know you have a veggie garden and benefit greatly from it. I love gardens. I also have a veggie one and can relate to what you share.

      Liked by 1 person

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