Making my way back to blogging….

It was the end of May 2019, when I stepped away from blogging to embark on an adventurous vacation. An Advencation I called it. Little did I know what lay ahead of me. I have been on one hell of a journey since discovering this body was extremely sensitive to Wi-Fi, the summer/fall of 2019.

And NOW, I am gradually making my way back to the internet. I have incorporated various tools to aid me in a somewhat comfortable use of the computer. And I am always looking for more. So if you have any info, I’d love to hear it.

Oh, yes! You bet I have peeked into WordPress on a few occasions. Read blogs, Liked and Commented when possible. I really have missed all of you, your posts and our wonderful interactions. I am also very anxious to get to know all you new folks who have joined me here at Branching Out, in my absence.

I am peeking through a large leaf, showing only one eye
peeking at you…..

I have turned a corner in the evolution of my life. My world has changed. Everything is changing. Changing continuously. Change is a constant. And all is good! All is new, perfect and wonderful! See ya soonly!

Injoy life in joy,

Images by Ren


    • Thank you for the joyful welcome back and compliment. Ahhhh, and your posts offer powerful wisdom for sure. I am discovering how to rise above the troubles of before.


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