Kool Kosher Kitchen – Book Review

Front cover, Kool Kosher Kitchen

I am excited to have my hands on one of Dolly Aizenman’s books, Kool Kosher Kitchen : Collection of Recipes. Dolly and I met here at WordPress. She was one of my first “followers” and has supported my writings with her heartfelt presence and soft spoken wisdom. I have learned much from Dolly over the years and feel we have bonded a unique friendship. Do yourself a favor and check out her wonderful food site: Kool Kosher Kitchen.

Kool Kosher Kitchen, back cover with picture of author, Doly Aizenman

Kool Kosher Kitchen is more than just recipes. Dolly has magically weaved amazing stories in and around each recipe. Stories of far away lands – of family gatherings, along with a rich, enrichment of various histories, not taught in traditional schools. At least none that I ever attended. And she even supplies us some of her wonderfully simple tips and tricks with food, making cooking that much funner.
on back page, "Made in USA San Bernardino, CA 10 November 2019

I have had Kool Kosher Kitchen about a week and have been reading it more like a book, while making notes of recipes to eventually make. Thank you Dolly for your love of cooking and making time to share your wonders with us. Bless you!

Love n Hugz,

UPDATE: June 24, 2020
I have since finished Dolly’s book and am so glad I bought it. I want to say…. my favorite section would be in the deserts. I can feel her love of chocolate!

Although I have yet to make any of these recipes, I do have certain ones tagged for a later time.


  1. I am honored and overwhelmed by your lovely review, dear Ren! It was unexpected, and therefore even more precious to me. Your kindness has no bounds, dear friend! May you and your son be blessed with good health and much happiness!

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    • Thank you so very much for your kind, loving words. When I take a step back and look at “the big picture”, that is where I can see all the glorious changes taking place. This truly IS a wonderful world, regardless of how things may appear on the outside.

      I too am grateful for our meeting. There is something special in it. Lots of love and hugz to you and never, ever give up the smile from your heart.


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