“Climbing Over Grit” – Book Review


The book, Climbing Over Grit.

I have recently finished reading Climbing Over Grit, a true-life story written by Laleh Chini and her daughter, Abnoos Mosleh-Shirazi. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Laleh’s storytelling ability, through her captivating blog, “A Voice from Iran”.

Climbing Over Grit is visually descriptive and emotionally captivating, making it hard to put the book down. People in the story came alive as I walked their footsteps , saw their sights, felt their pains and joys.

Written from the heart, Laleh and Abnoos recount the dangerous journey that their family endured during the Iran/Iraq War. The twists and turns of the traditional forced-marriage lifestyle, brings much discovery and an unexpected ending to the story. And yet, this book is written in such a beautiful way, it could easily birth many more wonderful stories….

You can visit and injoy Laleh’s site, “A Voice from Iran” and pick up your copy of Climbing Over Grit while you are there.

Love n’ Hugz,


    • Thank you kindly! This is truly a wonderful read.

      Laleh has a list of many sites to get the book from on her site (A Voice from Iran) link is in this posting.
      Hope this helps.


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