It’s Advencation Time – See You Later!


looking up at a palm tree with a few clouds in the blue sky
Beautiful day in southern California

The weather was perfect, as usual for southern California! Sun shining! A few clouds drifting overhead, giving shade at just the right times. I was sitting outside, having a pleasant visit with Bo, my baby Bonsai tree. The topic turned to “vacations”.

Bo, a small 2-year old Bonsai tree, sitting next to a deck of cards to show size camparison
Bo, absorbing the essence of cards

Bo, being only 2 years old, had no idea what I was talking about. I took time to explain the human concept of a vacation and Bo began to understand. He is a smart lil tree.

“Bo,” I shouted, taking his attention away from a butterfly, “I have not had a vacation in a long time”

Bo had no idea what time was. I explained it to him, the best I could and he began to understand when I related time to the sun and moon. He remembered the day we were talking and I asked him, “Are you injoying the sun, Bo?” He pointed to the sun and said, “Yes I am!” And there, encircling the sun, was a sunbow.

a sunbow, "rainbow" around the sun
a sunbow


See how clever and wise Bo can be? I feel that has to do with the origin of his name. Bo is short for Bodhi, Buddha’s tree of enlightenment.

Back to my dilemma…. when was my last vacation, I asked myself? I mean, a true vacation! One intended for me! I thought about it. And I thought about it. I could not recall when or where I last had a vacation. That was not a good sign.

I knew I had not vacationed in the past five years and certainly it had been over ten years. The more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that it was over 15 years since I had a vacation. And that vacation was a family one, not a personal one. Don’t get me wrong! Family vacations are extremely special and important. Now that my family is grown and gone, I want to injoy a vacation for me. And my mind began to plot and plan…

my baby Bonsai Tree, Bo
Bo, listening to me

“Hey Bo!” I said, “I am overdue for a vacation! Want to go on vacation with me?”

Bo just stared at me, not knowing what to say. This was all very new to him. Slowly and with confidence, Bo said, “Yes! Let’s go on an advencation” I couldn’t help but chuckle. He was recalling when the “sun, Bo”; became ‘sunbow’.

So, there you have it folks! Just like that, it is decided! Bo and I are heading out on an adventurous vacation.

An advencation!

Where are we going? How long will we be gone? Which direction will we head? What will we be up to? What will we see? Where will we land? Who will we meet? and many more answers are yet to be revealed to us. All I can say for sure is, there is great change in the air. Don’t you feel it? I sure am sensing it and am going to take full advantage of it! I am feeling a new-now moment coming on.

I will be reading your posts as often as I can while we are away. You see, Bo has gotten accustomed to my reading him your writings. He truly likes hearing all your sharings and he learns so much along the way. He really is a wise little tree and very much wants to be part of this blog. Bo says he can relate to Branching Out on a very personal level. He has a point there! We’ll see what happens…. Wait! What? Oh yes! Bo says that we will add someΒ  posts in our absence. (I think this tree is rooting itself into my blog)

Take care dear readers and keep on injoying life! We sure are and will be, as we leaf for our new, ‘New Normal’. I love new. Don’t you?
Ren and Bo
May’s end 2019

Images by ren




    • Thank you very much and yes, we will be sharing posts of the exciting times ahead.
      Bo says, “Tis my pleasure to finally meet you!”


  1. Interesting concept about including a Bonsai tree into your writing and as a traveling companion at that! We too will soon be doing something different and as a result my posts may become sparse but hopefully interesting. Have a good summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was his idea! Bo is the one who rooted his way into my blog. This was not premeditated on my part. Bo found me! I did not go looking for him.
      (Now I am beginning to understand……)

      I do not believe in coincidences.
      This is synchronicity in action.

      Perhaps this is why I called my blog – Branching Out – I just did not know it at the time.

      Life works in mysterious ways……but not really. Once you begin to understand the dynamics of it all, life becomes expansive and amazing!

      I will have a grand time away and will post at times as well as read other people’s blogs.

      I very much look forward to your blog twist. With your fun mind, I can only imagine what’s next. Big grins to ya!
      Thank you for following along with me…..


    • Thanks Jennie! I know that Bo and I will have exciting times ahead. I mean, there is so much that this little tree has yet to see.

      Bo wants me to tell you, through listening to your blog, he has become a remote student of your classroom. He learns a LOT from you and all your children. Bo wood knot miss a single one of your posts, no matter what!

      We’ll be in touch ….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bo is adorable, and so are you! You and I are alike in many more ways than we realize: even my vacuum cleaner has a name, and before I press the button, I ask him nicely, “Vasen’ka, let’s go for a walk!” Guess what this computer is called, but it’s my husband who named him, not I.
    Have a fabulous, fantastic, f-enomenal time with little Bo for company, dear Ren! Looking forward to your exciting posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Is your computer named, Bo?

      Asking your vac onto a walk…I love it!! It is said that everything has consciousness.

      Bo is quite special to me. In fact, He’s such a calm lil tree. Ready for anything.

      Liked by 1 person

    • You speak much truth. We do need to put ourselves first. If we don’t, who will? Thank you for re-joining my journey…and is great having you and your blog back!


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