Play With Me And The Walking Trees

Imagination is a fine thing that us humans possess. Do you use yours very often? You probably do and just do not realize it. But do you ever use your imagination, intentionally? Consciously? I use mine a lot! It is so much fun!

There really is no excuse for anyone to ever be ‘bored’, when we have the freedom to imagine. What I love most is when I close my eyes and come alive within my imagination. When I consciously choose and control all my senses and bring visualization to the forefront.  This is when I can very much feel the heat of the sun on my back, as I bend over to play with the soft purring kitten, under the sweet smelling lilac tree and the aroma of Lily of the Valley’s that the kitten has bedded upon.

And when I look up at the sky, I see rainbow clouds…. and a golden Pegasus.  I listen to the most beautiful sounds… to tones I have never heard before, as they are whistling through the branches of the silver lined trees. The purple trees make a different tone, from the striped trees and so on. Do you notice that also? What are the trees like in your imagination?

Imagination works best with your eyes shut, for that helps to block out any visual distractions and allows you to go far into your visualizations. So, take some time now, close your eyes and read along (you’re gonna haff’to figure that one out on your own) as we explore the trees and the unique way they can BE’s.

Play with me and the walking trees…

There was a day, not long ago, when trees could walk. Did you know?

It’s true!!! Oh, what a sight it must have been, to see trees walking the planet…  can you imagine such a thing? You can, right? I sure can! Let’s go there now….

We stand in the forest of our imagination and look around as our eyes adjust to what we want to see. Do you smell the earth and decaying leaves as you walk? Sometimes it is a bit musty, as molds do the task at hand of helping to break down all the debris on the forest floor.

close up of a lavender color flowering bushBut wait…. do you smell that? You do? We both agree it’s a sweet floral scent. You say it is coming from that flowering bush over there? Let’s go check it out! However, as we approach, the flowering bush jostles, as if it were alive. Out from underneath it, rouses a sweet smelling animal. We stand in awe as it glides gently towards us. Yes, glides! Don’t ask how, just flow with it! (pun intended) As it gets closer, we look at each other and at the same time we say, “That is where the scent is coming from!” The animal is now standing between us, looking at us. It’s not aggressive, nor fearful of us. Yet, it was the oddest thing….for when we describe that animal to each other, we discover that we saw it totally different. Remember? I saw a spotted baby deer of lavender color with golden spots, a black horse-like tail and a long flowing golden mane.  Tell me again, what did you see?

Let’s go 80 miles/128 km east and check out that forest of trees. What? No, of course we are not going to walk. Loosen up! This is our imagination of walking trees. We can go to the other forest any way you want! Just name it! You want to “jump” there? Sure! Why not? Let’s go!

In a few leaps, we jump over to the other forest and soon discover trees of another nature. There was no doubting that this was a loving and warm forest. two trees close to each other depicting a forever hug
Trees everywhere were reaching out to hug one another. Can you feel all of the tree energy? Do you see how happy these trees are?One tree hugging another as the other grows up between its branches

Well, look there… and you glance to where I am pointing. Right away, you see it too. A tree has chosen to lay down and become a bridge to the faster moving forest creatures.

a tree laying across a creek, providing an easy crossing for others.


Oh my…. look over there! Come-on! Hurry! We turn our bodies into circles and roll to what I saw….. In no time, we find ourselves staring at a tree who is getting ready to go for a swim. This is evident from the lack of leaves, for they hinder a tree in the water, similar to us wearing clothes while swimming.

An uprooted tree with its branches in the lake, its roots still on shore

And as we continue to roll around the island, we find ourselves in an area of darkness. As our eyes adjust to the low lighting, you tap my shoulder to have me look at that hillside. What do you see there? Oh yes, I see it now! What is that tree doing? Perhaps it is building a sand castle or collecting seashells. Oh wait! I now see several trees reaching down to the water’s edge. Are they having a tree-beach party?

mountain side at dusk, with an uprooted tree on the hillside and its branches down on the shoreline

Isn’t this fun? Discovering how trees once were? What? Why do trees not walk today? I would say, for obvious reasons, humans would complicate their steps. I mean, there have been times when trees have tried to replicate the ‘roots’ of their past and walk among humans. The trees end up feeling real bad for their actions.

a large fallen tree in the city, lays across the tops of several cars, crushing in their roofs

Do you remember the time, not too long ago, when a row of trees decided to have a race? Quite a catastrophe it was! I am beginning to feel that concrete, buildings, cars and such, hinders trees from walking our world today.
trees between street and houses, uprooted and fell towards the homes (perhaps from an earthquake)

And that is why we must go deep into the rainforest, to find walking trees today. Follow me! And off we went, like a wisp of smoke, dissipating into a beautiful forest. There, standing in front of us, we are met with a Walking Palm tree of today.

a walking palm tree of costa rica. Long roots begin about 6 feet up the trunk, reaching out and down to the ground, like multiple legs
Credit: Jimfbleak

We are shooken with what we see and our eyes fly open! We were both jangled out of our imaginary way of BEingness. We blink and find ourselves standing in front of a Walking Palm tree…

The end

Walking Palm Trees

I did not know the Walking Palm tree existed, prior to my writing this post. I discovered the Walking Palm tree of Ecuador, near the end of my writing, as I searched for more images of trees. This is a very similar experience to my first visualization post of Imaginary Trees.
image of the aerial roots of the walking palm tree

So, think about this: if the Venus Flytrap can close its jaws upon its prey, then it makes perfect sense that the Walking Palm Tree may indeed walk the forest floor. Right? Do you agree? As I further researched this amazing tree, I found many people who dismissed the walking tree as impossible, calling it a myth for the tourists. And I also found the few hidden treasures of articles from those who can believe, without seeing first (as it should be).

close up of a venus flytrap, closing its jaws on an insect

The Walking Palm Tree, Socratea exorrhiza, grows roots from the lower trunk of the tree, creating a teepee-stilt or cone appearance. These aerial roots keep the trunk off the surface of the earth. Can you envision that? The walking palm trees are located in remote regions of Central and South America. It generally grows to 15 – 20 meters (approx. 16 – 22 feet) tall and 12 cm (just under 5 inches) in diameter.

It is said that the Walking Palm Tree can walk up to 20 meters (just over 21 yards) a year. It will grow a new root or roots, towards its destination. Perhaps it’s headed for a sunnier spot of earth, we just do not know yet, why these trees walk. As it leans toward its new home, the older roots from behind, will raise up and die off. New roots grow in front and continue walking or side-stepping the forest floor.

close up of the aerial roots of the walking palm tree
google image search

The walking palm is able to grow new roots anywhere along its trunk. When it is hit by a fallen tree, rather than lying there suffering or dying, the walking palm will grow new roots and ‘walk out from under’ the fallen tree.

a hand drawn chart, showing a walking palm free itself from a fallen tree
Credit: In Defense of Plants

“FIGURE 4. Reconstruction of the “walking” stages of the individual shown in 2F and 3A.
A. Age 12 years.
B. Two years after being flattened.
C. Five years after being flattened.

the slender walking palm tree with all its aerial roots planted in soil
google image search

And this is where I will end my imaginary walking tree journey which may be more real than I had first envisioned. How are you feeling about this tree? Do you feel it is true that this tree can walk? Can you imagine how this would be possible. Or are you a disbeliever in ever thinking a tree can walk. If so, that is okay!

Just keep in mind, there is the ‘Walking Catfish” who journeys to new waters when need be. Think about it….. A water breathing fish. Out of the water. Walking on the land, to find more water.

a walking catfish, leaving the water
google image search

And I thank you for joining me in this imaginary way of BEing and DOing. Don’t stop here….keep on exercising your imagining and visualizing muscles. The more you use them, the easier and funner it becomes. Envision what you want in your life. Feel it in your heart, live it in your mind and create your new reality. That’s how real to life, imagination is.

“Imagination is life. Use it and live!”
~ renagain original

love ‘n hugz,


Can “Walking Palm Trees” Really Walk? Live Science

Trees that walk up to 20 meters a year Science Alert

Walking Palms In Defense of Plants

The Palm Tree That Can Walk

Images from unless otherwise noted.









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