Tea-Tag-Tuesday: Falling

Even if you fall on your face you’re still moving forward.
~ Victor Kaim

stick figure of a person falling on their face

Oh my! He does have a grand point!

Just don’t forget to stand back up and keep going.

How ’bout you? Agree or disagree with this quote?


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  1. I am not sure I can subscribe to this philosophy, dear Ren. I am an adventurer, and I’ve taken many risks in my life, but not blindly. I prefer to play to win, rather than to play just to play. Granted, it requires cool logical evaluation of odds before taking risks, but for that purpose He has given us brains, in addition to hearts and souls.

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    • Thank you, Dolly and you truly are an adventurer. I understand where you are coming from, for you have lived/experienced the words you write.

      To be honest, this and many of my posts are scheduled well in advance. Periodically, I glance at them to see if I want to change anything. Yesterday, I tried to “stop” this one from publishing, for it was not resonating with me. As you can see, it would not allow me to stop the publication…so I went with it to see what it had to show me.

      Yes, I agree with you, Dolly and thank you for your honesty. As for the quote, I have fallen on my face in life from bad choices, but gotten up and kept going. That is how I use to learn. That may be where this quote is based from.

      You bring up a grand point that He has given us brains, in addition to hearts and souls.
      Would it be true to say, heart + soul = faith?

      Today, it is my heart (a knowingness) that guides me, more than my brain. It is a faith I hold deep inside, which conquers each unknown step I take. And the more I do that, the easier it gets.

      Someone on the outside watching me, would say (have said) I am going blindly, like when I moved west 2 years ago. To that I say, “I was just a toddler, learning to walk in faith. Wait till you see my next move!” 😀

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