Egypt is Changing for the Good – Did You Know?

Egypt is changing has been changing for the better and there’s more to come. Lee Carroll just finished his 3 week tour of Egypt and shares some of the beautiful changes that are really happening on the planet.

Who is Lee Carroll?

He is someone I have not written about much, even though he has been a huge factor to the wonderful changes in my world. Lee Carroll is the world renowned channeller of Kryon and 2019 marks their 30 year anniversary. I personally appreciate the messages Kryon brings to us and have been following Lee and Kryon for at least a decade now. The information I bring you is from Lee’s monthly “update” the Kryon Family Bulletin, May issue.

What is channelling?

Those of you who may not be familiar with channelling or might have a false understanding of it, may be a bit skeptical of what I am sharing in this post. And that is okay. It’s perfectly natural to pull back from something we do not understand. I know I did, when I first learned about channeling ten plus years ago.

Channelling is a natural act and something we all do at some point. I describe it as tapping into ‘a higher self’ and relaying the information. Great musicians, artists, chefs, etc. create by channelling. There is nothing mystical or magical about channelling. We all have the ability and we all do it naturally. Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America is a great docu-video for more information.

Lee’s April 2019 Egypt tour

Lee is no stranger to Egypt, having last toured in 2017. He feels it is one of the best tours they do and thanks their host for the premier experience.

Temple of Isis
Temple of Isis

What I share next,  got me very excited.

You all know how I speak of the beautiful changes I see happening on this planet. Right? And some of you do not see these changes and I understand that. It’s okay! Right now though… This is a wonderful way for me to share a current earth  event of pure splendor that has been happening, yet kept very quiet.

According to what Lee wrote; The President of Egypt (Abdel Fattah el-Sisi) is making a huge difference to the country. The people feel it and are reacting. What changes is he making to this 3rd world country?

  • building new freeways
  • moving the capital city (Cairo) to help reduce congestion
  • building a new Egyptian museum
    • can now show all the antiquities that couldn’t be shown before
  • cleaning up the trash (cleaning up the trash? – that’s huge?)
  • making tourism safer
    • and safer
  • creating first class experiences in many of the tombs
  • focusing more funding for excavations

Is that stinkin cool, or what? But wait, there’s more!

Lee goes on to describe when they arrived at the Temple of Luxor; surprisingly, ALL of the six statues of Ramses II which line the entrance, had been found and restored. Apparently, the internet (April 2019), showed only one. Now that is a lot of improvements for something that has remained basically dormant, for decades. Agree?

How about that?
Can you imagine?
Did you already know?

Then it just keeps getting better.

In the “Valley of the Queens” (on the other side of the “Valley of the Kings”), the tomb of Egyptian queen Nefertari in Luxor had been freshly renovated. Lee recommends we check it out on the internet. I did and it is simply amazing.

Lee comments;

  • not only was it in full color
    • and breathtaking
  • there were newly built stairs going down to it
  • the lighting was good
  • there was ventilation

All great reasons for visiting Egypt. Lee plans to return to Egypt in 2121. Can you fathom how many more wonderful changes will have taken place? Did you find this information about Egypt to be new and exciting? Were you aware of any of these changes? Have you been to Egypt or maybe live nearby?

Thank you for expanding with me,

Original audio of Lee and Kryon’s 2019 Egypt tour

For those interested in exploring Kryon:

Kryon’s official site:
Kryon channellings [
FREE AUDIO] MP3 downloads.
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CHANNELLING] into printable text.


  1. Wow this is very beautiful article, specially the photo of the Temple. I love it so much.
    Well About the president i would better to také Care of writting About him. Because egypt are in 2 groups. One love him And second not. But ur Friend is right He try to improve And make egypt more beautiful 🙂 He Made Egypt easier for foreign.. So i guess everyone ať least once per life should visit egypt :)… Thank u for this post.. Made mě really happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • America has the same love/hate issue with their President. How interesting.

      Thank you greatly for your input to this post. It helps me to understand. I quit listening to the media and started seeking people to tell me how things really are in their land. Often times, it is way different than the media says.

      Thank you for telling me that my post made you really happy. That makes me happy 😀


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