Talking With Trees

For years, I have denied that trees communicate with me. Yet, on some level, I knew it to be true. This has been my secret, until now…

It feels good to finally share this experience from my world, which is what Branching Out was birthed for.

I know there are others who share a similar tree-communication experience. I’m not the only one. Perhaps they too, will start to speak up and share. I get it though! I kept quiet for a long time. Initially, I did share my discovery of talking with trees and as you can imagine, it was not received well. I learned to keep quiet. And no longer can I keep quiet! I will now do my best to put this into as simple of words as possible, for it is a hard thing to describe properly, with our current language.

Setting the ‘stage’

a red horseshoe magnet with silver ends

Have you ever played with magnets? They are fascinating items. Set two magnets on a surface, apart from each other. Take one and put it near the other one. Does it attract or repel? Reverse the magnet in hand and put it near the other one again. Now what does it do? Are you able to see or easily describe the magnetic power that is causing the pull or push of the other magnet? Most of us cannot.

bride and groom standing thigh deep in a body of water at sunsetCertainly there is someone or perhaps a pet, whom you love so deeply, that when apart, your hearts yearn for one another. You know that feeling, right? A feeling of love. Can you see love or easily describe it? No. And that is how it is with me and trees. There is something about trees that draws me to them. Like a magnetic pull. As many of you know, I have always been a lover of nature…but there is something special about the trees of my world. They easily grab my attention and capture my heart. Trees literally call to me. Not in words. It’s an internal thing, like a true love.

My first ‘talking tree’ experience

Many, many years ago, I was walking the woods when movement caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a leaf on a tree that was moving. Just one leaf, the rest were still. “Huh, how ’bout that? Must be wind coming from somewhere”, I justified and went on my way. That moment has always stuck with me. What caused that leaf to move?

Since then, I have seen many leaves move precariously, which I would justify, be amazed by and then move on. Until one day about five years ago, when I was walking the woods of northern Michigan…

A path through a forest of mature trees

One thing northern Michigan has, is lots of trees and this trail was no exception. I was maybe a mile or so into my walk, when I saw a leaf moving. This time, I just stood there, spellbound, watching the leaf flitter and flutter as if by its own power. {by its own power… its own power… own power…} I wondered if anyone else ever saw such a thing. And I asked the tree, “How do you do that?” And the fluttering leaf stopped. I moved on, but the essence of that leaf stayed with me.

I do not recall at what point I stopped being ‘amazed’ with the free-moving leaves and sometimes, branches. Somewhere along the way, I accepted their movement as their way of saying, hello. Eventually, the day came, when I reflectively responded to a free waving leaf with something like, “Hi! Are you waving at me?” And I kid you not, that leaf started waving faster. I instantly felt a connection with the tree, deep in my heart and knew I was in love. A new kind of love. This was very exciting and expansive. Soon, more leaves and more trees were waving and dancing with joy. It was a full blown fiesta and I cried. I finally understood! And my heart began to grow.

black and white image of tree, depicting a fractal

Now, when I am near trees, I no longer wait till I see a leaf, leaves or branches moving. Quite often, I am the one to initiate conversation and the trees reciprocate. To this day, I continue discovering new things about trees.

New discoveries…

In the past month, I discovered that trees love music. I was parked under a large weeping shade tree, with branches hanging low. I had music playing. Movement caught my eye again and I glanced up to see the branches dancing to the beat. So, I turned up the music and they danced harder, while nearby branches joined in. I was captivated. Was this really happening? Then suddenly, there were nearby sirens from emergency vehicles and the branches stopped moving, even though the music was still playing. They remained motionless, until the sirens began to fade away, then they resumed dancing to the music again. Yep, this was really happening.

Another thing that is really happening, is science, as they continue changing what they first thought to be true in our world. Just as you should always question everything you thought to once be true. Do you know that science has recently discovered that trees have a heartbeat? Yes, it is true! Beats about once every two hours, that’s why it was easily overlooked. They now know it is not osmosis that moves water through a tree. Read more about it HERE.

Also, you can find several articles about how trees communicate with each other both above and below ground. Learn about their friendships, how they feed their young, what steps they take to warn others of danger. When we know that trees communicate with one another, then my sharing that trees and I communicate, certainly must not be all that surprising. Right?

That is where I will ‘leaf’ off at. As I said early on, I know that I am not the only one who communicates with trees. Does what I share, start to ring true with you? I’d love to hear about your tree experiences.

Thank you for being here with me,




  1. There has been odd times I have admired trees, but I will never forget when I went to New Gardens and I was really fascinated and admiring a particular tree. I blogged about it and shared a photo of this tree where I admired it’s branches and the bark, which you may remember. I have never had a much fasination for a particular tree. I would have stayed there all day if I could have done.

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    • That’s an amazing experience, Liz and I bet that tree was calling to you and loving the attention you gave to it. Trees do love it when humans notice them.

      I actually did not recall the post you mention, so I searched it out at your site. It may have been posted before we found each other.

      Oh My!! I can see why you loved that tree!

      Those white, smooth-barked trees are always the first to grab my attention.

      I notice in your tree post picture of its name plaque and I can see the rust outline of its first name plaque. It must have rusted off.

      Look how flowing and intertwining its branches are! Liz, that tree is amazing! I can see why you wanted to stay with it.

      The last image shows ‘artwork’ or maybe it’s a form of a ‘memorial plaque’, around its lost limb.

      Very fun post of a wonderful tree. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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      • YES! They KNOW! Don’t they? They know better than any of us! And I love those kids for they are very special people! Bless you for being there for them. It takes a special person indeed!

        And your reply stirred a long ago dormant dream I once held of being teacher to such beautiful kids.

        In high school, I worked with special kids one part of the year and then a preschool class the last part of the year.
        Let me tell you….the ‘special’ kids were exactly that. They held so much innate love for everyone….. I knew I wanted to work with those kids as a career. Life took a quick turn to the left and I never followed that path.

        I am proud to know that I was at that school during the time they were bringing horses onto the property for the kids benefit. (a new concept back then) And oh my! Their worlds changed. Horses are grand teachers too.

        The part of that school that amazed me the most, was the simulated ‘city’ inside with crossing lights, stores to shop, roads to learn to cross, etc. AND an upstairs apartment for the older students to “live in” and demonstrate they are able to live independently.

        Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book. This school caters to quite a range of conditions and ages into early adulthood.

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      • Thank you for the link, dear Ren; this truly is a very special school. It is a public school, though, with all the funding public schools get. We didn’t have such luxury. Most of the time, parents of these kids were unable to pay even a small part of tuition, so my husband had to go door-to-door hat-in-hand to raise funds from the community to cover services necessary for these kids.
        We didn’t bring horses to the kids, but brought kids to the horses. We had therapy dogs, and, of course, several times during each school year we brought the entire student body and their parents to our humble little apartment to communicate with our cats.
        From these kids, you learn to appreciate the goodness of life!

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      • Very good point about the public school. I had not looked at my experience as such.

        Bless you and husband! What a wonderful experience you share which shines light on your heart of passion. Thank you for helping bring love and life to so many children.

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      • I just remembered what I wanted to say regarding falling on one’s face. I wanted to quote Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, author of the book “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”:
        Like a mighty river rushing to meet its ocean, no dam can hold it back, no creature can struggle against its current. If we appear to fall backward, to take a wrong turn, to lose a day in failure – it is only an illusion, for we have no map to know to know its way. We see from within, but the river knows its path from Above. And to that place Above all is drawn.
        We are not masters of that river – not of our ultimate destiny, nor of the stops along the way, not even of the direction of our travel. We did not create the river – its flow creates us.
        Yet of one thing we have been given mastery. Not of the journey, but of our role within it.


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