Have You Noticed the Flowers?

You all may think I am being nuts with this….but…have you noticed that the flowers have changed in the recent years? I certainly have and Jennie is seeing it also at her home on the other side of the country (see link below).

So, it’s not just me noticing this. Are you too? Are you noticing how more colorful the flowers have become?

field of brigh blue, orange and yellow flowers

Have you noticed how much brighter the flowers are? a bright and colorful field of red, orange, yellow, blue, lavendar flowers

It’s as if they ”pop” into existence the moment I turn to look at them.

Are you understanding where I am coming from? I am not new to flowers. Flowers have been in my world from day one. However, it hasn’t been until recently, that I have been noticing flowers to almost have a personality. I mean, they do have consciousness, as everything we see has a consciousness.

What has captivated me the most in the flowers around me today, are the artistic brush strokes on the flower petals. Have you noticed these colorful paint brush strokes? orange flowers with an inner paint brust stroke on the petals, of yellow

How did those strokes of color get there? Who was so artistic to choose the patterns, shapes and color of each flower?

blue and white columbine blossom with yellow center

Did they get painted during the night, while closed up? Is it simply in the DNA of the seed they sprout forth from?

white flower with deep red edgings and a yellow center

I mean, I do not think these amazing flowers have always been there. I have been admiring flowers for over 50 years and I can’t say I have ever noticed that a paint brush was used.

I must admit, the close up intricate work within the flower petals has been capturing my attention. Ya know what I mean? Who took the time to put all those lines on each petal?

light lavendar flower petals with stripes up the length of darker lavendar

At some level, from somewhere deep within me, I feel as if I was there. I was observing the creations I see around me.

light purple color orchid with face drawings and various lines on each petal

I feel like I was artist to some of these flowers. It’s as if I chose how to create this one and …

bright pink white and dark red flower with yellow center

I watched as you cleverly created that one.

yellow orchid with paint splatter of deep red

And together we joined our creative forces to create a few others as we laughed at our orchid face creations.

white orchid with yellow center and darker yellow more center with dark red spottings purply pink orchid

It’s just a feeling I have within me that adds to the beauty I see around me today.

And how is it that some flowers look like other things? Like a yellow butterfly.

purple and yellow pansies, wher the yellow looks like butterflies

Or how about this bird looking flower?

bird of paradise flower looks like a bird

Not to mention bell flowers that do not chime.

bell shaped flowers

As I said earlier, I have been mystified lately by the flowers in the world around me, allowing my imagination to run wild. I had not really known how to write about it, until today. You see, the publishing of this post was inspired by Jennie from “A Teacher’s Reflections” as she also takes in the beauty around her, as if with new eyes, after decades of absorption. Mother Nature and Alberta

As always….I thank you for being here,


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