Esperanto: 5 Fundamental Characteristics

Once upon a time, during the cool fall days of 2018…

Having just started learning the unique language of Esperanto, I must say…. I am virtually impressed. Compared to my months of learning Spanish…. Esperanto is proving to be much simpler.

Screenshot taken from a Spanish lesson at Clozemaster. One of my nudges to explore Esperanto more closely.
Screenshot of the "learning sentence" from my Spanish lesson on clozemaster.
“Esperanto helped me broaden my intellectual and cultural horizons.”

Since starting Esperanto, I have dropped the above mentioned Clozemaster language learning site for Spanish. It served its purpose. I am now focusing on two languages at Duolingo. Spanish and Esperanto.

Initially, when I added Esperanto to my agenda, I chose to continue learning both languages at the same time. I have since discovered it to be beneficial to not add new Spanish words right now. But rather to ‘practice’ the Spanish I have already learned and to study Esperanto as a strong ‘second’ language.

Five traits I have discovered about Esperanto a chart of Esperanto grammar

1. Esperanto is starting out as VERY simple to learn.

2. The rules are simple and few so far, such as:

  • Each letter has a unique and separate sound
  • The emphasis in every word is ALWAYS on the next to the last syllable

3. Phonetically speaking, the words I have learned are pronounced the way they are spelled.

  • There are 28 letters to the Esperanto alphabet. It uses all the English letters except Q, W, X and Y. A few letters have accent marks.
  • The name of each consonant IS the sound THAT letter makes, followed by an -o
  • The name of each vowel IS the sound THAT letter makes

4. The prefix mal- means ‘the opposite of’. Unlike some other languages, mal- by itself, doesn’t mean ‘bad’.

5. There is no “a” or “an”

UPDATE: Spring 2019

I have left after feeling I was not learning what I needed to know. I no longer recommend Duolingo as a serious learning platform.

In all actuality, my language learning “drive” began about a year ago. To be perfectly honest, as winter blossomed into spring this year, I put all language learning on pause. Not because I lost interest and I will come back to it, but life is about to ”change” for me. Right now, I need to focus on other life ventures that have been in the makings for over a decade! They are about to ‘birth’ into fruition and this needs my full attention; like a new born baby. Just so you know, the time is soon coming, to put my blogging on pause. Then, when I return, I will be a new me and you will be a new you and we can start all a new. Who knew?

NOTE – To those who are interested in learning Esperanto, I have discovered a site which offers a personal email correspondence course FREE of charge. Let me know you are interested and I will get you the information.

Thanks for being here,

Learn more about Esperanto : A language to unite humanity

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