5 EZ Steps : Google Images “Labeled for Reuse”

When using Google images in posts, I want to be sure I am not stepping on any toes or infringing on Copywrites of others. I mean, I would not want others doing that to me. So what do I do? I use the following simple technique:

For a tea kettle image


STEP 1: Go to Google and search “tea kettle”

screenshot of a google search for tea kettle<<>>


STEP 2: Click on “Images”

screenshot to click on "images" option<<>>


STEP 3: Click on “Tools”

screenshot showing Tools in Settings<<>>

STEP 4: Click on “Usage Rights”

screenshot Usage Rights tab<<>>


STEP 5: Click on “Labeled for Reuse”

Screenshot Labeled for reuse<<>>

You are done! All images are labeled for you to reuse. As long as you do not close your window, each search will be for reuse. However, get in the habit of double checking that the Usage Rights is at, Labeled for Reuse, with each image search. Only takes a glance of the eye. Injoy!
screenshot showing Labeled for reuse

Did you find this to be beneficial? I am far from an expert on image use. This is just a small technique I have learned and wanted to share. Do you have something to add to searching for images?

Thank you,


    • That’s hilarious, Patty! Gave me a belly laugh. And you have helped me with a lot of “this’s & that’s” along the way, thank you.

      I recently learned of this and felt compelled to share it here. Air-high-five back at ya! Hugz


  1. Adding that copyrights are so misunderstood in this day in age where folks can just grab what they want. Good for you for going the extra mile and finding out what is shareable. It helps artists and photographers for one thing. Kind of like when the music industry’s technology exploded and everyone could get music ‘for free’. We know nothing is free, and those musicians struggled and paid a lot of money to have their music put out there. It’s a darned shame when folks ‘steal’ it. Can you tell I know some struggling musicians? 😉 I always pay for music, and check my images, or take my own. THANKS AGAIN! Love and Light to you, Ren! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overall, I feel people are becoming more aware/conscious of the shift into the digital era and are more prone to follow protocols such as you have described. It’s kinda becoming a new normal, more so than when the FREEness was first discovered.

      I learned about this image protocol through a business program I recently finished. Wasn’t sure how much interest anyone would have. I am grateful to see that people are benefiting from it.

      You are muchly welcomed Patty. Thanx for being here. Octopus hugs to ya!


    • You are very welcome, Am grateful it may be of use to you one day.

      Right now, your blog hosts your beautiful drawings and photographs that I injoy muchly! And I thank you! 😀


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