Mandy Thought She Was Alone

Based on the true story of my friend, Mandy, as she told it to me. The names have been changed for the obvious.

Imagination is a wonderful experience, except when it is fear based. Mandy loved political science and had worked at various departments inside the US Government. Over the years, many innocent job related events, chased Mandy away from what she once loved. Those events led to her work-place being shot at, herself being added to Nixon’s hit list and countless other horror stories. As you can imagine, these all helped to feed or possibly to create, her fear based imagination. Let’s get on with the story she shared with me:

Mandy sat at her home computer, working on a project, when she began to feel hungry.  kitchen with white cupboards, gas range and wall ovenHer roommate was gone, it was just her and her two dogs. She got up to go fix herself some food.

Her cell phone sounded while she was cooking. Mandy reached in her pocket to retrieve the message and was immediately shook up by what she saw on her phone. It was a picture of her black purse, resting on the floor, against her desk. The very desk that she was just working at while on the computer! How could that be? Her heart began to race.

She distinctly recalled seeing her purse, just moments before leaving her home office, to go fix food. It was sitting on the floor, leaning up against her desk. Mandy now knew for sure, the image on her phone, was HER purse! Someone must be in her bedroom! They took a picture and sent it to her. Not only was her heart racing, but it was now in her throat.

Appetite suppressed, she turned off the stove and then the noisy television. Only one of her two dogs would announce an intruder and he was getting deaf with old age. Besides, he was laying next to the TV, preventing him from hearing anything else.

Mandy started to walk down the hallway to her home office and stopped! ‘What am I doing?’ she thought to herself. ‘I am home alone, nearly 70 years old and I am walking to… where??? I need to call someone. I need to notify someone of what is happening. But who? The neighbor! Yes!’ She dialed the neighbor’s number…..there was NO answer. ‘Now what? Who do I call now? The police? Yes, the police!’ as she dialed 911 and then gave her report to the dispatcher.

police car with blurred background, portraiting it is going fastBoth dogs and Mandy went outside on the porch and soonly, two officers arrived. She filled them in on the situation and for the life of her, could NOT retrieve the cell phone picture of her purse. She could not find the evidence for the police! She was hoping they did not think she was a crazy old lady.

The police went to her door, announced themselves and entered her home with flashlights and guns drawn. After their search, they returned to where she stood on the porch. The police informed her there was no one in that house. She was relieved and yet feeling kind of small, not to mention, baffled! The police left.

Mandy and her dogs went back inside her home. Once again, she looked on her phone for that picture of her purse. She found it…. of course. She looked at it again, studying it more carefully. It definitely was her purse, on the floor, next to her desk.

She looked at the message itself and found no words in the subject line, only several cell phone with blue word coming forth: how, where, what, who, why, whenforwards. Who was it? Further exploration lead to discovering that the picture came from her dear friend, Lizzy, three states away from her. How could that be? Mandy had to find out and quickly dialed Lizzy’s number.

As the two gals talked, the story unfolded: Lizzy had just made a purse and was so excited with how well it turned out, she had quickly sent out a picture to her friends. The purse she made, just happened to be identical to Mandy’s purse. Lizzy had no idea what Mandy’s purse looked like.

Mandy took an even “closer” examination of the cell phone image and she could now see that Lizzy’s purse actually sat on a little wooden bench, next to Lizzy’s wooden desk.

The end

This story was told to me a few years ago, by Mandy. I don’t know what ever happened to Mandy. She has drifted out of my reality, after my attempts to contact her. I wish you the best in life Mandy, where ever you may be.

How is that for a wild story? Has anything like this happened to you? Or maybe to someone you know?

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  1. Oh wow. My heart was racing imagining the fear and it turned out to be nothing than a good friend who knew her taste in bags, or knew her well. But goodness, I bet it sty time to relax. It’s not like that ever happening again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t that one of the craziest things you ever heard? I kinda felt like you did, when Mandy was telling me her experience. She was an interesting person who passed through my life. We were ‘friends’ for several years and she just ‘disappeared’ one day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, but it’s not really a shame. I feel it’s for the best, actually.

        People cross our paths for various reasons. We learn from them, and they from us. People come and go all the time. Right?

        I am actually grateful she has drifted away. We no longer were compatible. She chose to remain focused on the gloom and doom in the world. I chose to rise above all the dumb stuff. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I have different ones come and go and some like you found would not be compatible for different reasons.
        I like where I am right now and that is the first time I have said it, in who I have around me. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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