My First Time as a Guest Author

I was invited to post as a Guest Author, in Mohamad Al Karbi’s, “Around the World” category of his personal website and blog. So I did, excitedly writing about my home state, Michigan!

screenshot of an empty Title line, for a WordPress new post

Mohamad and I go back a few years, in the blogging world and I consider him a friend. I find Mohamad to be a kind and caring family man who has much interests and skills in the technology world, including web designing. His posts about his experience of switching over to the world of Apple, has been enlightening and encouraging. Mohamad has created different platforms, on and off of his site, for bloggers to reach out, connect and explore other bloggers.

two large drops of water on a long thin green leaf with purple/yellow flowers from the background, reflecting within the drops. Black backgroundBeing a guest author is one such avenue he offers for ‘expanding and connecting’. This is a new experience for me in my world and I share the link for you. Also, please explore Mohamad’s site while you are there, for he offers a ton of information on technology, WordPress themes, places around the world and occasionally, some general chit chat. (if you are reading this, Mohamad, thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to be a guest author on your blog. I am injoying the experience greatly!)

View my “Guest Post” here

I thank you all, from my heart, for your support. Injoy your days ahead,

Images from Pixabay


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