I Think, Therefore I AM! (am what?)

I think, therefore I AM! Am what? Well, I am what I think! Do you agree? Do you feel it is true, that what we think about, we bring about? For me, it is becoming more evident that what I focus on or what I think about, is what I get more of. Why is that?

You know what I am referring to. Yes? Lets say you get up late. You begin to think you will probably be late for work. All you can think about is how late it is getting, as you rush around getting ready. In your haste, you make many little mindless mistakes which slow you down even more, making you later, you think.

close up of woman, from armpits up, her hands to the sides of her head, showing stress. Her face is an oval wall clock at 11:54 time

In fact, you think it has gotten so late, that you consider calling in sick, or at least with a ‘flat tire’ story. And you don’t. Instead, you hurry out the door to your car, with toast in mouth, hands full of what you need to take with you and your coffee is forgotten on the kitchen counter. In your haste to unlock the car door, you fumble and drop the keys. Then, as you juggle everything in your arms, so you can fetch the keys, you accidentally kick them under the car. It’s one thing after another!

And it goes on and on – car hesitates to start – traffic is extra slow – no parking spots close by, etc. Chances are, the rest of your day will continue being a downward spiral, simply because you overslept and thought you’d be late. Do you see what I am conveying? You were so focused on ‘being late’, that you got more of ‘being late’. And why is that?

I think, therefore; I am what I think! I have believed for a long time, that what you think about, you bring about. Do you believe that too? It’s obvious that when you are sad and keep thinking sad thoughts, you get sadder. But the moment you choose to dry the tears and turn the frown upside down, and think happy thoughts, then you begin to feel happier. However, I am now experiencing “what you think about, you bring about” a whole lot differently. This post is my sharing the experience of what I am discovering to be true in my world.

dark starry sky with burst of purple light near center

What I think about, I bring about, good or bad. Why is that? Recently I read something which summed it all up nicely, in one short & concise sentence: “The Universe only knows Yes and Abundance.”

“What does Yes and Abundance have to do with what I am?”, you may be asking.  It’s like this; when the Universe hears you saying (and feeling) “I’m going to be late”, then you get more of being late. Right? Because, ‘being late’ is what your heart was feeling and your words/thoughts and actions were producing. Are you with me so far?

Here is what I am discovering to be much more powerful and it changes everything! It’s more than just the words or thought. It’s also the feeling you put with it. What you think about, you bring about also includes your feelings towards the word/thought.

“The Universe only knows Yes and Abundance!”

Sure, sometimes life gets crappy and it feels great to vent. I get it! I do it myself!! And that is okay to be upset, but it is not okay to continue hanging on to that harsh angry feeling. It’s not okay to allow that negative feeling to roil and boil within you, moment after moment, hour after hour, nor day after day. That kind of thinking will put you in a downward spiral, cuz you are feeding what you do not want. But the Universe does not understand “do not”. The Universe only knows Yes and Abundance.

And what is a person suppose to do?

I think, therefore, I AM! Are you catching the big picture here? Do you see how you can turn things around, right now? Are you understanding that only you can choose to BE upset or not? No one else can tell you what or how to think. It is totally your choice! So, why not stop feeding the negative feelings, right now!?

pen wrote on paper, "I am happy (smily face)"Take responsibility. I think, therefore I am. BE aware that when you are giving energy to the feeling that “life is crappy“, you will get more crappy life. The Universe hears “crappy life” and says, “Yes, I will give you more crappy life”.  BE mindful of what you choose to give your feelings and words to. Why? Cuz, the Universe only knows Yes and Abundance.

What you think about, you bring about. I think, therefore I AM. So why not think about what you do like, rather than what you don’t like? Why not think about things that make your heart happy and bring more joy to your world? Why not focus on your dreams, your passions? Focus on your end result. DO what you want to DO and BE who you want to BE. You are what you think you are.


Here’s a simple exercise: Start to tell yourself things like; I am health. I am happy. I am joyful. I am abundant. I am love. (And FEEL it! Believe it!)  I am interesting. I am exciting. I am wealth. I am, I am…


I simply am

Conclusion: I think, therefore I am what I think, combined with the heart-felt feeling that accompanies it, brings change to your reality. When setting your desires, be mindful that the “universe” only knows Yes and Abundance. Keep positive. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want. Most importantly, play with this. See what happens for you. I mean, it certainly can’t hurt, right?

I am grateful and I thank you for reading my writings, for it makes me smile,

Images from Pixabay


  1. Beautiful post, dear Ren, and very helpful to many, I am sure! Ancient sages knew this secret, as I have mentioned here https://koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/essig-fleish-and-the-meaning-of-life. Some of the more modern sages also gave this advice, such as The Lubavitcher Rebbe, who used to say, “Tracht git, vet zein git” (Think good thoughts, and it will be good). Incidentally, “Cogito ergo sum” actually means “I think, therefore I exist” (English translation is somewhat inexact), which has a much deeper meaning: if you think positive thoughts, your existence is also positive, which is the gist of your post. Excellent point, dear friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Dolly, for your comment. I loved the link you shared and how he lost everything which helped to save his life. That is powerful!

      Ahhh, yes….”I think, therefore I exist” …. and if I exist NOW, then I will always exist and I have always existed.
      Thanx again Dolly….and I love following your writings, they are very informative and the learning is lots of fun. (warm oven hugz)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Poetry is a name for the pleasure we take in the language we hear and speak, read and write. We savor words for their music as well as what they mean, the wonderful alchemy of their sound and sense together, even as we use them for the most mundane, practical purposes.

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