No Longer Do I!

No longer do I live in a world of fear.

I simply refuse to live in fear.
I do not like how fear feels. It hurts my heart.
I do not like how fear controls me. It constricts and confines my abilities.
Regardless of how things may appear, I do what it takes to keep my heart happy, centered and focused on the end result.
What end result?
My end result of what many have referred to as “Heaven on Earth”.

No longer do I allow drama in my world.

I simply refuse it. I once lived in a palace of drama, where drama reigned free and strong. And when things would start to go smoothly in my life, I’d seek out and find drama from some where, to propel me forth in that old, old world of drama.
I have since evicted drama from my world, one drama case at a time. I refuse to view drama on any electronic device, be it TV or computer. Drama is a negative force. I find nothing constructive about it. It hurts my heart. I will not go there. My friends have learned that I will not be part of, nor will I support the drama in their world.

No longer do I believe in war.

I simply will not entertain war no more. I know that war time is done. How long has it been since the last world war? Long enough to prove there will not be a three.
Humanity is finally growing up. We came from an era of struggle and limitation (pre-2012). We are now in a paradigm of Compassion and Abundance (post-2012). 



I am sure there are many more things which I no longer entertain in my world. But you get the idea, right?

Love and hugz to all,

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