I Walked The Desert In Chile! Who Am I?

I walked the desert 100 – 130 years ago.
I am humanoid.
I have less ribs and skull bones than you.
I am a child.
Where is my family?
Who am I?

About a year ago, I published a post about this 6-inch Atacama Humanoid.
(I will post the link at the bottom)


It has recently come to my attention that the MSM (Main Stream Media) has taken this scientific evidence, slandered it and is now presenting the following LIE to the world:

“A deformed human girl,
an aborted fetus
with magical genes
to cause the deformity.”

Please, please, please
do NOT be fooled
by MSM
any longer!

Right now,
there is a LOT of
corruption of scientific research
junk science
coming out.

No longer (or if EVER)
can ‘peer review journals’
be trusted!

(Dr. Greer’s April 3rd interview below
is very informative and
I encourage you to please view it.)

What happened……

Initially, Stanford University helped Dr. Greer to run the needed DNA tests to determine what this humanoid may be. (Never did Dr. Steven Greer call it an alien or an ET.) The results of those tests, were amazingly impressive.

A few points of interest are:

  • 10 ribs instead of 12
  • 4 skull bones instead of 6
  • perfectly symmetrical being; NOT deformed
  • the feet showed signs that it did walk the desert at one time
  • was approx. 6 – 8 years old, based on human growth
  • the entire being was different than a human

And …?

Stanford has done a 180 degree turn and claim the opposite of what they stated in Dr. Steven Greer’s 2012 documentary, SIRUS. I highly recommend viewing SIRIUS. Last I knew, SIRUS was removed from YouTube, which I posted about last year. (see link below)




I have followed the works of Dr. Steven Greer for decades. I trust in what he says. He has never been a person for hype or conspiracy. Dr. Greer only reports the facts. I wrote about Dr. Greer last year. (the link is below)



I do believe this little creature is a genuine specimen.
Not a hoax or a model.
Others, like it, have been discovered worldwide.
I fathom, the more we explore this,
the more will be revealed.

Dr. Steven Greer – April 3, 2018

I thank you for sharing this information, should you be nudged to do so.


What happened to SIRIUS documentary on YouTube?

Atacama Humanoid post

Who is Dr. Steven Greer?

Dr. Steven Greer’s website for more ‘evidence’:

Daily Prompt: explore


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