ATTENTION: All Men & Women ~ You ARE Different!

I have always felt like the odd ball when it comes to equality of men and women.

I just do not get it! 

Why do they want to be equal?

To me, when you stand a man and woman next to each other, it is VERY obvious that they were made different from each other.






Think about this!

If men and women were NOT different, how could there be babies?

And yet…. over the years….  I see/saw many women strive to be equal to men.

  • Mental or physical
  • Work place or home
  • Outside activities or leisure time
  • Even the way we swallow, is different

Some women continue to strive to be EQUAL to men.

For me, I just never could wrap my brain around that sexist equality world.

And now, I would like to share an article from my ‘doctor’ about a SUPER interesting difference between men and women

Thank you for reading/following and just being you,

Featured image from: brucesallan .com



  1. Dear Ren, I can’t help but share a very old joke. What makes men and women different is that there is a Nobel prize of one million dollars waiting for a man who gives birth to a baby, but so far no one has come forth to claim it!

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