Are You Looking UP Now?

How often do you look up to the sky?

I have discovered that many people are nescient, unknowing to the sky.

People tend to become so focused on the future or on the past…… that they forget to live in the NOW.

I find that sad, because NOW is all we have.

I can prove it to you, NOW.

Look at the time.
What time is it?
It is NOW!
Always is NOW!
lways will be NOW.
Aways has been NOW

NOW is all we have
and people get lost in the illusion
of future and past.

Today, I ask of you…. in your next NOW moment, when the sky is available to you, look up.

Take note that the man made and harmful chemtrails, which have painted our skies for too long, are being eliminated, NOW.

Can you grasp that ‘reality’?

Do you see it?

There are fewer and quite often NO white lines in the sky, from the ‘planes’.

Can you feel the sky with your heart and smile?

ReJoys: to have Joy, over and over and over again!


See how powerful we are?
We did that!
As a collective consciousness!
We are aiding in the cleansing of Gaia!

We are all powerful Creator Beings!
Whether you know it or not.
Now is the time to become 100% Responsible.

And I will leave you with something to feel into


I love you all and have been enjoying your interaction in the comments,

Daily Prompt: grasp


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