Farewell, Ole Friend….

So long dear ole friend.
Tis time for you to transition on.
I will miss you.

You have served me well and for much longer than anyone ever fathomed you could or would.  You know that I have always loved you.

How long have we been together? Ten years at least, I am sure. We ‘hooked up’ for my ‘travels’ and my ‘travels’ did not occur, as I had imagined.

And to think, I was gonna part with you in 2012. At the last moment, I chose to keep you. It was a gut thing…. I truly did not know why I wanted to keep you. But keep you I did. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you!

Perhaps you have lived this long, because all the years I kept you hidden away. Nearly forgetting you existed. Forgive me for that, for I did not know how powerful you really were.

At the time of my ignoring you, I had a new, bigger and much more powerful friend assisting me. I did not need you then. And yet, you stayed with me and remained loyal. I truly thank you.

And then the day came, 2016, when you re-entered my life. When I brought you forth from that dark cavity in the closet and hugged you for your smallness. For you see, my bigger and much  more powerful friend, was attacking me!



2016 – The first image is of my swollen/hive struck right arm,
from using/touching the mouse of my computer.
The second image is my left arm,
also affected from the electricity.
and a reflection of the rest of my body.

Those nightmarish months before you reappeared, still tries to linger within me. Dark and evil was my experience with that dirty electricity. It changed me forever and brought you back into my world. I thank you for being there for me. I am grateful for your smallness.

I stopped talking of the horrors of my experience when I moved from Michigan. Friends/readers would often ask how I was doing. I felt I had to lie. I had to stop talking/thinking about it, for that seemed to keep it alive and eating at me. LITERALLY eating at my skin!

2016 – Image shows the intense welts left behind, as the dirty electricity/radiation pulsed through my skin/body. My right arm was affected worse, due to it was the one holding the mouse. The radiation traveled from mouse, thru arm, across/onto/into entire body.

My body still feels/reacts to WiFi and various/unexpected electrical occurrences. Using a computer is truly a challenge…. a love/hate relationship.
Living in a world of dirty electricity is truly a challenge….

Yet, I am growing/expanding every moment of every moment.

My dear friend, I am ready to let you go and shift into the unknown.

  • You are ever so tired, I know.
  • Videos are challenging for you to load and play.
  • There are way too many programs running, running and running, in the background.
  • You get hot so easily, for your fan is no longer helping you.
  • I let you rest, more than I use you, giving me perhaps 3 hours a day usage.
  • No longer is your Windows XP ‘supported’ and together we must work thru your issues.
  • We both can see and agree, your days are done.
  • I love you little Asus. You have served me well. I will miss you.
lego 1100_2463
My lil Asus Netbook has served me well

Dear Reader:

My posts will be sparse for a few weeks, as I go about the process of acquiring a new computer. I will continue to post what I/we can…. 

Thank you for waiting for me,

Daily Prompt: cavity



    • It was very itchy. It would feel like hot fiberglass at times. That was in 2016. At first, I had no idea what was happening. I could feel something ‘crawl’ up my skin of my ‘mouse’ arm. I was determined to blog and kept ignoring the warnings…. till it got totally out of control. Silly me!
      It was actually the result of a Smart Meter on the 100+ year old farm house I lived at in Michigan. https://renedith.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/things-are-called-smart-so-you-will-want-them-dont-be-fooled/
      I documented it the best I could in a category I titled, “beware of dirty electricity : my story”.
      Thank you for your kind words/concern. The medical field c/would not help me. I had to seek relief on my own. Was quite an experience and very rewarding!


      • I read your post from May 2017. Oh my! I did not know that something like innocent looking meter can do that. Good thing you moved out. That’s really a bad case of rashes. You should have sued the electric company. In our country we still have the traditional electric meter. Talking about living in a third world country. But I am glad for this because we might not know the effect to my children who got allergies.

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      • Smart is something I stay away from as much as possible. I had to move out, or die, it was that bad.
        To sue the electric company would take more than I have in money and energy. It was a battle just to get them to remove the Smart Meter! And it is not their fault. They are ‘acting’ out what they have been told. they do not know.
        Yes, I am ever so grateful that you do not have Smart Meters there. England banned them.

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