Is This What It’s Like, To Live In Your Own Reality?


When CHANGE occurs…. FLOW with it…. and enjoy LIFE, as it’s meant to BE!
~ renagain original

I have posted about this situation with WordPress > Reader, on a few occasions. Somehow… and maybe I am doing it ? But somehow, my ‘Notifications of email’ for new posts from blogs I follow, gets turned ON or OFF.

I depend on email notice for new posts. My time on the computer is a small window of about 3 hours/day (for various reasons). When I go online, it’s with a purpose and then I am done. Off goes the computer.  Many of my posts are scheduled days ahead of time.

You may enjoy this prior post of a similar situation:

May 6, 2017

why do I follow YOU if I am not a stake?

That was one of my most strangest experiences on WordPress.
I literally had no control over what I could/couldn’t type. And the way it turned out, I felt, was quite humorous. So, I chose to post it as was.

The other day….. I noticed I was not getting very many notices of new posts, from the bloggers I follow.

And I began to wonder…..i wonder

…. what is going on with my fellow bloggers?

I figured it was due to the ‘season of the energies’. Perhaps people are just taking a rest from posting. I have been reading of readers losing the drive to post, even though they love to blog/write/create. I figured that happenstance was just, ”in the air”.

Then the days went on…. and on…. and on…. ….and you all were still NOT posting anything.


Where did you all go?

 Is this what it is like, to live in your own reality?

But my reality is NOT, to not be notified of  blogs I enjoy reading!

What is going on here?!??!!???

Yesterday, I began to investigate my Reader

the Reader


<><><><><  |||||  <><><><><

reader manage

Manage Reader


That is when I discovered that not just some…. but ALL of my settings were changed to NOT RECEIVE email NOTIFICATIONS.

off settings

these Notifications were turned off for all the blogs I FOLLOW


“I did not do that!!!!!,” I shouted to the walls.

And my time was up.
I had to shut down the computer for another day……..

The Next Day… I further explored my Reader and discovered more WordPress changes had occurred….. that was no shock. WP is forever updating and making changes. Pretty stinkin cool, if you ask me.

new reader settings

new notification option appears


Does this mean that each time I ‘FOLLOW’ someone new, I must go into Reader and adjust all settings for that follow/blogger?

Oy Yoi!
I thought I lost all the bloggers in my world!
Is this what it is like to live in your own reality?

Yes, actually, it is.

Your reality is what ever you choose.

It is what YOU believe to be true for you!
Choose the best,
Let go of the rest

Thank you for becoming more Aware/Awake/Conscious,

Daily Prompt: shock

Links: why do I follow YOU if I am not a stake?


  1. I hear you. One of the things I have found as we begin 2018 is that for whatever reason, my writing as slowed down (partly because of a wife that came down with the flu and we are trying to get her back up to snuff, if you know what I mean) but then again – for whatever reason, the blog writing as well as the blog following sort of took a back seat to other – what appeared to be more important at the time – than reading or posting blogs. But once blogging gets in your blood – you are stuck. I am already trying to devise a plan to get back into the writing/blogging practice. Hopefully it will be this month yet but if not, alas due to other commitments, if not by the end of January, it will probably be by the end of February. After all, life does go on and does not stop merely because we wish it to so that we had more time to do the things we enjoy more than some of the things we truly have to do. But, I am determined to get back to blogging. Just need to revise my schedule and probably give up a TV show or two.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BINGO! You are a genius!!! Yes, give up a TV show or two and you will have freed up that ‘extra time’ you desire.
      It is very true! I quit TV in 2010. The FIRST thing I noticed and was flabbergasted by….. was how much FREE time I had! OMG !!!!
      The ‘experience’ was ‘eye-opening’ and changed my world forever.
      Do not be too hard on yourself for not posting. The times are changing…. what worked yesterday, may not work today. And want did not work before, may work now.
      There is a saying…. “You don’t need to force anything. What’s meant for you will come naturally.”
      So…. go take care of your wife. Sounds like she needs/wants you. Relax and enjoy what is most important to you and let the rest go for now. You can always go back to it later.
      Hugz and thank you for all your comments. I always look forward to what you share.


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