Wait… What? {a reenactment}

Allow me to entertain you with a reenactment of a recent, real life experience.

Just over a year ago, my adult son (Heath) and I left Michigan and headed west, across America.

Life has been fantastically wonderful, ever since, here in southern California.

Except for Heath’s recent experience!

It went something like this:

Heath had a less than enjoyable day skateboarding. He decided to stop and went back to his car.

A strange, stranger soon approached and encroached upon Heath, as he sat in his car. The encounter left my son feeling a bit ‘unbalanced’.

I was surprised to see this.  Heath is the one who taught me not to ‘personalize’ people/words/situations.

It was the stranger’s use of the racial “N” word, that struck deep within Heath.  For you see, Heath is half black and has had to deal with racism his whole life.

n word

The term nigger is now probably the most offensive word in English.  Its degree of offensiveness has increased markedly in recent years…..

To assist my son in turning that negative experience into a positive one, I agreed to “go out of character” to join him in a reenactment. This would be a final ‘letting go’ for him and also allow him to raise awareness and vibrations of others.

let go

Here is what we created:

WARNING: Profanity was needed for replication purposes.


Thank you for watching and expanding with us.
Your comments are much appreciated,

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  1. Thank you for sharing Ren! It is disheartening to know that there is still some people who are so racist. I have also experienced being discriminates because I am Asian. To hell with them (excuse my word 😄). Besides your son looks more like a Brazilian to me? 😉Please tell him he’s a beautiful person. Is that you Ren? The actress in the video? You played it well 😊

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    • Yes, that is me in the video. My son really hated asking me to play the role. It was so out of character for me….. Thank you for the compliment.
      The days of racism are over. Mark my word! Do you know why we have racism? It was ‘designed’ and ‘implemented’ to create division among people. Duality.
      Those days are over. Change is here. We are leaving Duality behind and going into Unity.
      Racism is rearing its dirty/ugly head for the last time, in an effort to continue controlling the masses….. and it is not going to work this time. They/the Dark know they have lost.

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      • Wow Winnie! Thank you very much! I needed to hear that. You touched my heart. I have been so ‘lost’ with my writings, in part, due to my old ‘departing’ computer. Being on line is a ‘chore’. (those days are over, my new computer is ordered and on its way!!!
        Partly due to the ‘old construct’ is coming down now and I want to share that… and each time I do, it does not ‘fly’ well.
        So…. bless you and thank you for helping me to see! Hugz

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