Yep! I Should Have Listened (again)

For many days   For several weeks now, as I sat my cup of coffee on the floor next to me, my gut would pipe up and say, “No, no, no! You could kick it and send it flying.”

“Okay!”, I would say/trust/know and I would get up and move my cup to the table.

The table that was way over there. Across the room from where I was sitting. Making my ‘drinking & enJOYing’ a bit of an inconvenience.

And that was okay!
I was avoiding a potential mess for myself.

I do not use a coffee maker. I simply pour boiling hot water on my coffee grounds, inside my mug. When the grounds settle to the bottom, it is ready to drink.

The other day, I sat my cup of coffee on the floor next to me and my gut said, “No, no, no and blah, blah, blah.”

And I ‘thought/said/challenged’ myself/the ‘nudge’ …

“It has been weeks and I keep moving my cup to avoid a possible spill. Certainly “I” can be mindful and NOT kick the cup!”

And I left it sit on the floor next to me.

Within moments, I kicked that blinging cup and sent it flying!

Coffee and grounds were all over the floor and ME. My ankle was on fire! I could not get my coffee soaked-sock off fast enough.

That sensation/experience was not something I had contemplated while I was avoiding a ‘spillage’.

Now, with first degree burns to my ankle/foot, I had a huge mess to clean up, thanks to all the **#@!%^** stupid coffee grounds!

And I had to laugh at myself as I cleaned away……

I KNEW better than to ignore that ‘nudge’ from within.

I have learned to simply ‘act’ on my ‘gut feeling’
and without:

I have a proclivity for following that nudge.
The more I have done it,
the more it has become
my New Normal!
Everyone can do it!
Just Trust Yourself!

renagain original

Thanx for reading & I enJOY having you all here with me,

Daily Prompt: proclivity

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