HOW is not what you think it is…

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The word HOW is a word that I removed from my vocabulary, quite some time ago.

HOW can be a stopper to great adventures.

HOW can halt personal growth.

When there is something you really, truly want/need/desire, the HOW does not matter.

When my son and I chose to relocate last year,  we had no transportation, destination, income or savings.

We consciously did not talk about HOW to do it.
We only knew that we WERE going to do move and started making our plans.
Along the way….. things fell into place to help escort us the 2200+ mi/3500+ km across America, to a land, unknown to us.
The month we spent on the road, was enlightening!

The reason we did not discuss HOW?

The brain can NOT tell you HOW something is GOING TO HAPPEN.
The brain can only tell you HOW something HAS HAPPENED!

Thank you for reading,

Daily Prompt: relocate


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