The Holidays & That December.time…


north pole
photo by ren    –    a winter-walk discovery when I lived in northern Michigan

I would like to clear the air,
so there are no misunderstandings
with my Readers.

It has been my experience,
that many some people tend to become…
hmm, how shall I say…..
“protective of ‘their’ holidays,”
AND at times,
“with a touch of tunnel vision.”

That is okay.
It is their choice.

And here is mine….

“traditional holidays
do not excite me
I rarely
celebrate them”

Do understand,
I did not wake up one morning
and decide to ‘not celebrate’.

This choice developed
over the course of my life.

bird view


Why do you not always celebrate traditional holidays, ren?

I was raised (1960’s)
with the understanding
that Christmas occurred
at the wrong time of the year.

I know,
that sounds improper,
just hear me out.
Thank you.

In Michigan,
at Christmas time,
my parents had the expense
of heating bills
and the ‘taxes’ would soon be due.

My parents were not going to go into debt,
celebrating Christmas,
when other life priorities reigned.

They witnessed many of their friends
and other family members
struggle and become miserable
throughout the holidays and
even ‘beyond’, into the New Year.

My parents wanted something better for their family.

Don’t get me wrongly here. 

We did have Christmas in my early years
and it was wonderfully  enchanting.

My parents,
especially dad,
had such splendid imaginations,
creating hordes of magical moments
to cherish forever.

At the time,
I had no idea
I was ‘being deprived’
of a full holiday celebration.

My parents compensated for our ‘lack’,
by creating our own family holidays.

photo by ren

They called our holiday:

Happy This Day!

It was celebrated
whenever our heart
(and wallets)
In any way we could imagine

Here is a snippet of possibilities:

  • surprise parties
  • planned parties
  • gifts
  • no gifts
  • homemade cards, gifts
  • cakes
  • special treats
  • perhaps just a hug of appreciation
  • words of love
  • favorite meals
  • all kinds of life celebrations throughout the whole year
  •  All year long!

My friends were envious!!
Crazy, huh?

This went beyond fabulous
and it propelled and excelled,
the creative juices of our hearts.

photo by ren

As I grew older,
I observed
as the commercialism grew
and grew
and engulfed the holidays.

That took a lot of joy out the season for me.
Shoppers became grumpy and rude.
Traffic was a true mirror of the tension.

Friends were stressing because
they HAD to buy ALL “these” people a gift.
No idea what to buy,
resulted in ‘grabbing and buying anything’.

They would go into debt
‘trying to please all’
and become sickened by it.’

Tis the season to be jolly’? 
That is not Jolly!

photo by ren

Over the years,
my Christmas ‘beliefs’
bled over into other holidays.

Yes, birthdays too.
I would allow my own birthday to slide by,
undetected by many.

So, tell me,
how does my non-traditional ways
make you feel?
Do you know others
who don’t celebrate traditional holidays?


Enjoy your days and thanx for being here with me,

Daily Prompt: snippet



  1. To each his own I say! In confession I must add that I share a lot of your sentiments about Christmas…rude shoppers, have to buy this for this person and something for that person, traffic, lines, impatient folks, rush, rush, rush and rush some more. Give me the simple life!! One of the many reasons I moved to The Island! Happy day to you! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s great Ren! It’s even better than the tradional. Too much commercialism nowadays. I can’t even begin to describe the holiday rush and stress. And traffic is much worst in our country. I had a real headache yesterday when we went out for a simple dinner.

    Liked by 1 person

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