I Was The Queen of Worry !

We have been conditioned to think and even feel the worse possible outcome to most any given situation. Worry. Worry. Worry.

Somehow, the act of worrying is suppose to make things better.

It is time to let that all go!

I was one of the most worrying, worriers ever born. Oh my…. I could worry about anything!

Looking back on that….I wonder/ask, “Why did I think I enjoyed feeling that way?”

  • Worry is rough and tough on the heart.
  • Makes it very heavy and sad.
  • Stresses the crap out of it, actually.
  • Why would anyone enjoy that?

G.ma is was a worry wart.

At her age, she has had much practice.

When we lived together a few years ago, she would start to worry and fret about her son …. her 40+ year old son ….. driving on the snowy roads of northern Michigan.

I would randomly say things to g.ma, like:

  • How is that worrying working out for you?
  • What you think about, you bring about.
  • Oh! Did he just get his driver license?
  • Energy flows, where attention goes.
  • How does that ‘worrying’ feel for you?
  • Are you really ‘helping’ your son by worrying?
  • Is that worrying enjoyable?

Over time, she came to realize it felt much better to send her son joyful travel thoughts from her heart. Knowing and visualizing his safe return.

reset unnamed (10)


She loves her new perspective in life !

I love G.ma!
She is so cool!

Thank you for reading along,

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