“Why Can’t You See It?” { we asked each other }

Got an unexpected phone call the other day. Was wonderful connecting with Friend again.  We had not talked for several months.

You know how that can be….right?

Especially these days when ”time” is displayed for the illusion it is. Where Quantum becomes a new way of life, for we no longer are fixated on linearity.

I had a hunch that our conversation would roll around to the ”current events” on the planet. Friend loves politics and holds the patina of the ‘old-school-ways’ (pre-2012).

Other ‘political’ friends have ‘fallen away’.
They are no longer part of my world.

And that is okay!

We all have our own reality!

unnamed (9)

And then came those Infamous Words from Friend!

“Oh, but you do not watch the news, so you do not know what is happening. Blah, blah this and blah blah that….You had better start watching the news!” 

And then it came barreling out of Friend, with so much fear based energy, that I really wanted to end our conversation, right then and there.

I attempted to explain, “…  look beyond mainstream media. The media is deceptive and controlled. They WANT you to be afraid. That is part of their task.  What you think you see happening is just a ‘distraction’, so you do not see what is really happening. “

Yet, Friend went on talking/raging about all the Fear Based Media fed “News”.

I attempted to explain about all the ending of the pedophiles and sex trafficking and the overall bringing down of the Deep State! And….

Friend quickly cut me off and told me those things were NOT important. Friend was stuck in the flow of fear – *bombing, N. Korea, Impeach, Kill, War* – and that was the reality Friend was living and wanted ME to tune into.

Friend continued telling me that I needed to watch the news. The news is EVERYWHERE, not just mainstream media. And Friend continued talking/shouting and kept getting more angry and full of fear!

change unnamed

I could not take Friend’s negatively fear filled explosion any longer!

I managed to change the subject to a nature topic.

Friend calmed down.

And soon after, we hung up.

After getting off the phone, my thoughts drifted to a learning I had, years before 2012. One which I could not quite grasp at the time and today, I am living it.

There will come a time during the changes/evolution/integration/paradigm shift where you can be standing next to someone as their world falls apart AND your world does not. Literally!

It all depends on what you believe…….

Thank you for reading, I love having you here with me,


Daily Prompt: patina : an impression or appearance of something.



  1. I have had to disconnect from almost everyone I know since becoming awake and it is sometimes hard to hold the light of those ‘losses’. But it is all part of the journey, we have to respect where each person is in there journey, and hold the light for them. Thanks Ren, as I could completely relate to what you wrote about.

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    • Thanx Heidi, very much! It is true, many, many people I once knew…. are off in their own world, and that is okay. It is as it should be, so beautifully and perfectly done.
      Years ago I made the comment, “Being Awake can be a lonely thing” Not many…. well, no one ever understood me. You have put it into words, greatly. Thanx.
      And yes, in my excitement of all the wonderful things I have learned/lived…. I want to share that with everyone. When they cannot see it, I get baffled. But now, I do understand, we are all on our own path. Everyone is where they need/should be in their ‘journey’. And THAT is beautiful too!


  2. I can understand others being ‘plugged in’ to mainstream media, or still seeing things the old way. But I cannot tolerate ANY negative conversation at all, for my own sanity, especially over the phone. I would have said “I have had so much fun talking to you but I am so sorry I have to go now, friend.” and ended the conversation. There is no way I could tolerate the negativity gushing out of the phone from the other end since I can feel it in my body as an empath. I have figured out polite but honest ways of expressing my needs. I say things like “I am on overload and I have to go. But let’s connect later.” Boundaries are lovely. Bless and release is another thing. Yes, they too have their path. But I don’t want to follow them on that path either, and I don’t want to give that path any energy. I understand your observation about standing next to someone and worlds/beliefs are different. That is life! ❤ Great Post. And a good reminder.

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    • I did write, ‘negatively fear filled explosion’ and perhaps I should have left ‘negatively’ out. Friend was FEAR filled/based. Friend was not attacking me. Friend was scared! Friend cared about me. Friend lives in 1960’s energy. My heart yearns/reaches out to those who are ”lost”. Just another/different point of view from one empath to another. 😀
      I get what you say about ending the call. I like how you have a way to end it kindly. Thank you for sharing that. Rather than ”ending the call”, I chose to ”change the subject”. I did not want to leave Friend hanging in that Dark cloud and walk away. 😦 I felt better ending the call after Friend had calmed down and had conscious nature thoughts swirling in their heart.
      My friends know where I stand. Some have pushed my boundaries too. That is when I say, “THAT is NOT my reality! I do NOT live in that world. I refuse to live in FEAR! I spent many years ridding stress and drama from my world. You know this! I respect/allow you, your beliefs!!!!!!……”
      Thanx Patty for your comment. I always enjoy hearing from you and have gained so much knowledge and life skills from your site. Hugz


      • I totally get that your friend was not attacking you, but that’s not my point. My point is that negativity DID come your way, even if your friend did not intend that energy to be directed at you….nonetheless you were subjected to it. IN my world, that’s not cool. I try and educate the person and/or leave that situation as quickly as possible, for my own sanity. 🙂 Just for clarity.

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      • I appreciate the clarity.Thank you for taking the time to do that. Now I understand more clearly, what you were conveying to me. 😀


  3. Wow. That was a powerful message. I do agree that what we believe is so essential. That’s why it’s important to stand on solid rock about our values and faith.

    A lot of people are being swept into thinking certain things by the media, it’s awful. What’s good is that there are still people like you who are aware of this and help others to see too.

    We also love having you here with us, Ren. Thank you for sharing. ❤

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    • Thank you so very much. Your comment is very touching. Do not sell yourself short…. you also put out some very powerful and beneficial messages to your readers…. I thank you muchly for that.

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