Locked In The Past| part 2 ~ More Obstacles!


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Continued from Locked In The Past | part 1 ~ Obstacles

After several unexpected issues/delays, we finally left our ‘nest’ and headed west. Soon after crossing the Michigan border, our cells felt like a huge wave of ‘scrubbing bubbles’ was plowing through us. We had to stop and get out to do an explosive Happy Dance.

Heath took off on his skateboard while I walked around/explored and said goodbye to the Midwest. Tears of happiness came forth….our DREAM was coming into fruition!



In short time, we got back in the car and left Michigan in our rear view mirror.

Took us “no time” to get to Denver, Colorado, landing there on Election Day, 2016. As exciting as those few days on the road were…. they were also extremely…. mysterious? We felt as if we were “time-traveling”. Our internal clocks were all haywire.

What was going on?

This is what we discovered:

When we left Michigan, we needed to “set the clocks back an hour”, for Daylight Savings Time. We never reset the truck clock.  Our trip did not take us ”forward”…. it took us “back in time” through multiple ‘time zone’ changes along the way.
Eastern > Central > Mountain.
By the time we ‘landed’ out west, our internal clocks were whirling with an unexpected ‘shift’ in energies. We felt as if we were in a Twilight Zone, detached from ‘time’ as we once knew it. Was a total Quantum sensation.  I find this hard to explain, for we do not have the right words yet. It was way different than ”jet lag”.

Did we have obstacles along the way, during those few days of travel?

You bet we did!


Here is where we spent one of our first nights, maybe THE first one…..


How perfect! …. it was like a ”sign”.

It WAS a sign!


I felt comforted and engulfed with love. I KNEW we were doing the right thing as we bedded down in their parking lot for an enchanting/blissful sleep….

Jimmy took good care of us on our journey

Jimmy became our home for the next 30 days……

Took us a few days to get to Colorado. All the money we had raised was gone soon after leaving Michigan. When we left, we had just enough money for a tank of gas and one meal. And that did not deter or stop us.

We were focused on the end result.

As we headed west and when we could find WiFi, Heath created a Go Fund Me page, requesting donations and prayers. Through that funding page, I learned/felt/experienced the strength of prayer. Many, many people gave us their prayers/visions/thoughts/knowings of our safe journey.

For me – the prayers were worth more than any amount of money. It was like a wave of warm sensations…. a current… a flow of love/peace/harmony. That ‘sensation’ helped to carry me on our journey west.

It was a rough trip.  OMG was it a rough trip!

We had MANY obstacles.

  • We had no money,
    • nor income.
  • We slept in the truck,
    • using our clothes, in plastic bags, as a mattress with a towel for pillow.
    • our belongings were put up front or shifted to the sides around us
    • I was still healing from having titanium spinal parts put in my lower back.
  • Food was scarce.
    • We bartered for food
      • we slept hungry
        • fasting is healthy
  • Washing clothes was a luxury which did not occur often enough.
  • A shower was rare. 
    • a very humbling/expansive experience to be THAT person in public, who obviously needed a bath. THAT person who dressed poorly.
      • Near the end of this month long journey (combined with my EMF experiences before moving), I had lost a LOT of weight and my clothes reflected it.
    • I could see/sense/feel the judgement of others.
      • What right did they have?
        They did not know me or my story!
        I AM a beautiful person!
    • I smiled and held my head high as I went about my business

Colorado was just as fantastic as we had imagined it to be. We had never seen or been to the mountains.The November weather was unseasonably warm and yet we knew that would not last forever. After a few days exploring, we HAD to move on. Our gut was nudging us to keep going.

But where to?

South (warmer)….was my response.

Higher up (the mountain)…was Heath’s response.

Another OBSTACLE !

To be continued ……here is part 3

thank you for reading along….

A Journey From MI to CA (category) for more readings on our adventures moving west.

Beware of Dirty Electricity : My Story (category) for more readings of what helped to push me into moving west.

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